5 good reasons for living in Haiti


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Haiti, what would be your top 5?

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Honestly I don't think you can put Haiti in a box like that. No one should consider moving there or even a long term stint without first a shorter trip there to see how it is for them. Most expats coming to Haiti immediately fall in love with this small carribean nation and even if they don't decide to stay longer are sure to return at some point, but a percentage of them simply can't handle the hardships both that they have to endure and that they have to witness, and some leave within days of their arrival. Those that do choose to stay longer or return each have their own reasons and they're usually deeply personal ones. I encourage anyone to visit Haiti to discover its' gems for themselves, but I don't feel like I can list 5 reasons that would apply to everyone. For some of my my memorable times in Haiti you can read my blog at http://haiti.sander-martijn.com/. Hope that helps some.

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Could you really tell us five of those positive reasons why the expats fall in love to this island? We know that is not an easy island to live after the disaster.

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Actually I would have said the same thing prior to the earthquake. That said, I'll give it a go:

1. The people are amazing. They're proud and beautiful people that retain hope in the face of things few could imagine.
2. There is an incredibly rich, old and unique culture that shows through the art, music and everything
3. Despite what we see from the outside, there is a lot of beauty in Haiti, from the lush Artibonite to the beaches in Jacmel
4. There is a lot of history in Haiti considering it was the birthplace of the modern western hemisphere - the citadel is one of the oldest forts in the west.
5. Clearly many are going to go there to do something positive in the world. Though that's probably the #1 reason people go I put it last because I prefer to focus on the things one would love about being here, but I felt I can't leave it off the list.

So there's my attempt at a list of 5. However I will say I feel that 2-5 are little compared to 1 - to me and those that I know that either live, have lived or have only visited Haiti, it's by and large the people you fall in love with.

1.  Definitely the people: warm, funny, welcoming.
2.  Deep, abiding faith of Christian Haitians.  They humble me.
3.  Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Haitians.
4.  Warm weather.
5.  Slower pace (although there is always activity.)

I arrived about 10 days after the earthquake.  Spent nearly three months that time.  Back for almost a month that September. Am planning to be back this Dec. or Jan. 2013 for 2 weeks to work with a pastors' association and their community.

During the first trip, I spent much of that time at St. Damien's Children's Hosp. (near the American Embassy) caring for a little girl who was suffering from starvation and TB.  She also has a congenital heart defect and club foot.  I often stayed for days at a time, sleeping on the floor next to her crib.  I was there one night when Port Au Prince was hit with an after-shock.  I made 3 or 4 trips (they run together in my memory) between the ward and outdoors, moving the children and babies to a safe area. 

Unfortunately, things haven't changed much for those still living in "temporary" shelters. Keep in mind that Haiti is NOT the US, Canada, Great Britain, etc. People must remember that Haiti is a Third World country and one of the poorest in the world.

I wouldn't say Haiti is the poorest country in the world. Maybe in the america. But in spite of all, I would probably say that the Haitian politicians are very bad. They're like people of 1800.
There are all the conditions for Haiti to be a nice place to live in. But the stupid politicians there don't think in favor of the nation.
A country like Haiti can't be considered as the poorest country in the world. There's everything there, but the stupid politicians don't work enough to modernize the development. Thanks of God now we are a new government which is ready to give their all for picking Haiti up again. Don't forget Haiti is the first black indepedant nation in the america. the tourism in Haiti is such marvellous. Go and you'll see.
beautifull beaches, all kind of vegetables, fruits, folkloric music, beautifull ladies, nice activities every night to enjoy yourself. what Haiti needed was a modern gouvernment. So we have it now..... within 15 years you'll see what Haiti really is.....

I'll concede it isn't the poorest in world.  Actually, between 77% and 80% (World Bank and CIA World Factbook) of Haiti's population live below poverty level with 53% living in what is described as "abject" poverty. 
Haiti is listed as #19 on 20 poorest countries based on the International Monetary Fund’s 2011 gross domestic product per capita (GDP per capita) report.
You do not see a substantial "middle class" in Haiti that you would see, say, in India or other nations with substantial abject poverty.
Other aspects to consider are access to education, social programs, medical care and avenues of "upward mobility." 
Suffice it to say that living in Haiti can be a challenge even for those with financial means due to the country's lack of basic infrastructure (i.e., transportation, sanitation).
I'm currently in Sarthe living with a Haitian pastor and his family.  Let me assure you it isn't Club Carib but it is a place with love and acceptance.  I continue to be humbled and am committed to doing what I can for my Haitian brethren.


Could you please concentrate on the initial subject?

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See 11-19-12.  I was simply responding to colostar.

I have been staying in Haiti for the past six months and in this few month experience I would give the following reasons:
1. The wonderful warm weather, it remains almost same throughout the year.
2. The People, they are warm and always happy at heart inspite of all the troubles they had faced.
3. The fertile land, drop a seed and you will find a bush after few weeks.
4. The Hills: Drive 1/2 an hour towards the hills and you can enjoy the cool breeze brushing your face.
5. The beaches, they are never crowded or congested.

je crois que Haiti est un pays merveil qui subit pas  mal d'unjustice de la part de plus d'un. tenant compte de ce q'elle represente, certaines puissances font tout ce qui es en leur  pourvoir  pour le maintenir  dans son etat exocrabe. j'aime ce pays.

1) Beautiful country
2) Beaches.  You have to look for them; they aren't everywhere
3) To help where you see the need.  Stay away from pastors (everyone is a pastor) and NGOs
4) The people. But you have to be careful and use common sense.
5) The weather. But it can be very hot and mosquitos.  A fan takes care of that if you have electricity.

To me: Haiti is a place I want to leave when I am there and want to go to when I am away.  I have non-genetic family there.

[at] warriorbjj > Thank you for this sharing of information and for your contribution  :top:

I moved to Haiti December 5th from Los Angeles, California. I'm born in NY, from Haitian parents. Traveled here all my life and I get to finally do it my way! I traveled with my cat & small dog. Jet Blue is the best! I send all my furniture through cargo and here I am. I LOVE HAITI. The people, the unconditional love coming from everywhere, if you give this love as-well. If your not kind Haitian people have character & I'm seeing myself , bit by bit, through the people behavior. 1- organic food ( dropped 15 pounds) 2- I'm a Real Estate Agent sold million dollar properties in LA , here I already accumulated tons of listings and sold a house. Leases , long term & short term. The rebuilding of certain areas have gorgeous properties. Still people in tents though have to work on that one! 3- Meeting people from all over the world this is in addition to Haitians friends accumulated throughout the years. 4- The class, respect & self sufficiency you will find at any class level from the vendor lady on the streets to the other classes. It's basic humanity class by respect! I say Haitians are the poor Bourgeois and they are. Poor if you think of other Countries commodities however Haiti is so rich in everything non-material! Heads up high always and strong presence! 5- The weather and the water , beaches to go to, it's always an adventure. Eat on the way, drink coconut water and on the way back,on a wonderful Sunday. Bottom line, get to know the place! You give good , you will get good. Lowest crime rate in all the Islands, you know. Need a lease or buy a house look for me! MG

If you're down to earth, sociable, laid back, fun loving and enjoy tropical weather, you will love Haiti.  However, the country is very poor; it was ranked 25th poorest in the world but moved to the 19th spot after the earthquake. So come with an open mind and don't expect great public transportation, broad streets with sidewalks, multiple lane highways, electricity and water everywhere and on demand.  Sanitation is an issue in most major cities and overcrowded Port Au Prince has its slums and unsafe areas.  Don't panick! It's safer than Kingston and Haiti has one of the lowest crime rate in the region.

I believe that the beauty and charm of the country are in its majestic mountains, its water falls (Saut d'eau, Saut Mathurine, Bassin zim) its mostly virgin beaches with crystal blue waters and coconut trees, its rice paddies and its rich culture. This is also a country with a glorious but sad history.  To this day Haiti continues  to bear the economic consequences of years of diplomatic isolation, embargos, and political instability. 

So become an expat in Haiti for it's tropical climate, for the food (a lot of it is local and is often fresh and organic) for the opportunity to own a  house at an affordable price; for care free living(Cooks, maids, gardners are cheap) and for an easy going, low stress life style.  If you have your own place, can put food on the table and own a good vehicle, life is sweet. 

Where to retire?  I recommend Jacmel, Port Salut, Camp-Perrin, and Petion-Ville.  I am sure that there are others but these are places that I've visited and loved.

Good luck and enjoy freedom down there.

As a native of Haiti, I dream to return home to live
for the peace and quiet I know exist
the beautiful sites
the hospitality  that is rare
the food that is unbelievably delicious
and most of all to give back


Hi Maggie  hope you are well. I've recently moved to Haiti and I am thinking of selling some land I own in Premier? can we meet to discuss? I will list my email here xxx and you could email me with your contact information or  I can send you mine? Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you, Ernst

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hello tropical man :)

I appreciate your feedback on Haiti. My fiance is already there and I plan to join him. So your honesty is beneficial for me.

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My name is Chantel and I'm looking to meet new people.

Happy to be in Haiti!

Hi there, i see your post here; are you still there, and after Mathew?
I lived there for [at] two years just before the earthquake and really liked it.
I've been keeping Haiti in my mind as a place to retire, even out in Cayes
or Jeremie that got so blasted--have you met other American retirees there?

If you get a chance, be nice if you could respond and perhaps we could keep in
contact for when, sometime before too long, I will at least visit again.

Writing from Bamako, Mali which reminds me of Haiti, if not so grand,

Rand Robinson

Haiti has a hiden beauty.. people can't see it if you don't know it.

i desagree with you

hi, hope you are fine

I love how you described living in Haiti 🇭🇹 I'm a Haitian but I live in London and I'm studying right now. I want to move to Haiti in the future but I'm worried about finding a job

Hello, I am currently living in Canada planning to move to Haiti in a year or two with my best friend, I am looking for a small house/apartment just for the both of us, it must be close to a food market and the beach ( not too expensive ) TO BUY!! I would like to buy the property.


Lowest crime rate in the Islands?  Don't think so. Typical real estate sales guy. Wouldn't know the truth if it hit him the face.


5 good reasons to live in Haiti.

1. Ambiance --> Yes, the people may be poor, but they have love and know how to entertain guests or visitors.
2. Family oriented --> When it comes to family, everyone is welcome. As stated in number 1 they  are loving and treat everyone with respect.
3. Culture --> Haitian culture is huge and impact with diverse background ethnicity of different tribes from Africa. Depending where you go, you may find different accents or different ways that people interpret certain things.
4. Owning properties --> If you buy lands or houses, these properties belong to you for life and for generation after generation. You just need to make sure that you have enough space to grow your own organic foods. Haiti is one of the best places in the Caribbean a person can grow your own vegetables, raise animals. You can eat all you want organically and live a healthy and happy life.
5. Helping hand --> Help is everywhere. If you need someone to help you with things around the house or running shores, there is always someone ready to offer assistance.

All I can say, I lived there for 12 years and I never had any issues. In fact, I am looking to buy a piece of property there for retirement.

Absolutely savage Christine

'Beaches.  You have to look for them; they aren't everywhere' - You're a pioneer mate

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