How to find a job in Taiwan

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You could tell us more about you. What type of job you are looking for?

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try this website.
it's the Chinese version of kigigi

Hi,my name is jason ,i am intresred to work in taiwan .
Can anyone help me about this. I have check few webside but i cant find any
Thank you

Dear all,

My name is Marc chin , I'm looking for jobs in Taiwan .

Just now i work is sale marketing manager in import and export company .
So I'm looking for sale marketing, but if i no choice other once i also can
accepted. The point is i can stay there fews year and have work permission .

Please help and give us some information.


Marc chin

my friend is looking for a job in taiwan as a translator or maybe in charge for the contratc worker.  HIs currently in China right now but wants to come back to taiwan.  He is an ex-businesman.  He knows how to speak mandarin,english,fukien and of couse malaysian language.pls help me help him find a job but preferrably in nankan taoyuan county in taiwan.

Thank You

Hello -> To job seekers, do not hesitate to post an advert in the Jobs in Taiwan section. :)

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I m a illustrator and can do design too.. Can I find any illustration or design Job in Taiwan? I can speak english and Chinese well.

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i have a company in taipei(Taiwan), want to appoint my nafew as a retail manager in my co. Taiwan, pl let me what should i do.

Can anyone tell me how can I contact job agency for foreigner workers.

Hi  Rahul-kc,

May be an introduction and more information about the type of jobs you are looking for? :)

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hi David,

I am looking for job in sales & marketing or Retail sales


Hi vizag30,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in Taiwan, this might help :)

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i need a job currently ... anyone can recommend .
i have diploma in hospitality management , LCCI  English for business , oral test English for business / commerce , English for business (reading and writing ), Certificate in business statistics ,Cambridge English Language 1119 , and a lot of working experience .

i need a job urgently . did u mind to hire me ? i can speak English , Cantonese , Chinese . I have alot of working experience .. Pls i really need a job

Hi janettan87,

Feel free to post an avert in the Hotel, catering, bar, restaurant and tourism jobs in Taiwan section. Would be very helpful :).

Good luck

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i have send out all my applications and untill now still have no any reply .
Now a day is not easy to get a job at taiwan i think .:(

Am interested to live and work in Taiwan.
Pls let me know the formalities.

Fluent oral and written communication skills in English.
Masters degree in Computer Applications.
Ex-businessman in Construction and Textile industry.
Experienced in Project Management.

You can reach me on bobby.chakry[at]

Hi janettan87,

I have no idea what special skill you have. We are now need UI designer to assist our project. Are you suitable for that?
Or you can provide some your information as my reference. I am in IT field in TW. Hope I can give you some advices.

Hi Adrienne,

Are you already in Taiwan? If so, are you interested in a UI design part time job in Taipei? No need to stay in office but you just provide the planed result on time.


My name is Gerald and I am a mandarin-speaking individual who has 3 years working experiences working in Singapore IT industry - in both sales and technical domains.

I have graduated from a local university, NTU and would like to seek job opportunities in Taipei.

I have my resume ready in any case you could assist me with a job hunt.

I can be contactable via email - geraldfongfm[at]


can i find a job in taiwan from here so i can plan to travel and work over there.?

im simeon from Nigeriia living in the Gambia,,, can i secure a job in taiwan from here?

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Hello to all job-seekers,

I suggest you to post your advert in the Jobs in Taiwan section, this might be of great help to you all.

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i want to find a job in taiwan, and i want to apply a safety officer.

Hi leur,

May you can tell us more about yourself?

I suggest you to post your advert in the Jobs in Taiwan section, with details of your skills and qualification. This might be of great help.

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精通阿拉伯文中文 和中等的英文翻譯-旅行社 工作經驗十年以上!合作过阿拉伯人中國人。

Hi ahmedabdelaziz,

Can you please post in English on the Anglophone forum in order that members can read an participate on the forum. ;)

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hi i would like to know more about how to get a job at Taiwan I'm currently working as a sale consultant at Fitness Fist Malaysia, in fitness and sales industry for 5 years. i would like to explore more. can anyone help me?

u may email me at: suria_hasifah[at] thank you very much

Hi Sueria,

In order for you to work in Taiwan, you have to secure an ARC ID. This stands for Alien Resident Card. The Taiwanese ARC (ju liu zheng) is a small, glossy-blue ID card given to foreigners as a way of registering them in the Taiwanese government's database. The government will assign you an ARC ID number which will be what you use for a number of different applications and other bureaucratic niceties. Your Taiwanese tax forms, health insurance forms, cell phone application forms and more will require this ID number, so it becomes very important.

The ARC in Taiwan will contain information on your nationality, length and type of visa, passport number, local address, and also the controversial "purpose of residence section". This contains the address of your place of employment in Taiwan, and if you're working somewhere not written on the ARC (even if it's for the same company), you are technically working illegally and if caught can face serious consequences.

Taiwan's ARCs are given on a yearly basis, meaning that the one you get first will expire on that same day the following year, and you will have to re-apply at that time.

You  may inquire the said ACR card at Taiwan Embassy in Malaysia.

Hope this will help.


thank you so much for the info ...

dear all ..
currently am living in hsinchu taiwan. am a international student. i am  about to leave taiwan after two months. if i can find a job .. i would like to stay back here. please help me to find a job.
please write me to kingbio1987[at]

Hi everyone!

I am expressing huge interest in looking for a job in Taiwan, relating to PR, Events, hotel services

Previously a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines and experience in events planning.

Do PM if you could help me.

Thank you
Eric Tan

Hello Eric.

You may post your CV in the Public Relations job offers in Taiwan section. It might help.


Karen :)

These are some good places to start your Taiwan job search: / / / / /

good luck!

I like to get a job in Taipei

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