Custom proposes 18% Tax on internet items valued $200.00 or less! WTH?

Is this new proposed customs tax on internet items legal? I thought only congress could set new taxes along with the approval of the president.  Can someone explain to me how these taxes will apply? Will it be per item or total cost of the shipment?  This is really going to hurt Courier company's :-( This sounds like a violation of free trade agreements to me.  If the brick and mortar guys want the locals to buy from them instead of going to the internet, perhaps they should stop the 70-80% markups on the same items you can find on the net for less.  I wonder how much the customs director was paid to encourage this so called 18% tax due to kick in starting on 8-15-2014???

Hang tight, this is likely to be overturned!  The last time they did this it was overturned and likely to happen again. And it isn't just the 18% ITBIS it also applies to duty  rates.

Yes which means you can now be taxed up to 38% on imported stuff.

Many do think it is illegal and being backed by the major corporations here.  My  feeling is some time next week this will die.

Bob K

Totally out of order, it seems that anyone can propose and do anything they wish and not even bat an eyelash! It seems a bit of a trend lately where Danilo's wishes are totally not taken seriously.  I saw the recent article about the Castillo family threatening to leave their government posts if the President did not rescind the law on immigration reform, but at the end of the day, the law was passed and they stayed right where they were. 

       The Prez needs to let these charlatans know that passing these sort of laws is against the law and a strong message should be sent to discourage these sort of behavior.  It makes him look weak if he keeps his mouth shut on this matter.  I do hope the director of customs gets fired! How dare he propose taxes on his own??? I guess he thinks customs is a private company LoL I do hope this tax gets overturned, it is very bad for business and creates a monolopy.  Does anyone know how much is the tax on bringing in a big ticket item on the plane, since it is valued over $200.00 Dollars? Thanks Planner.

Yup likely to die next week only to rise again when some bozo wants to get paid off.

Good morning all,

We have been quoted for a 40 m container from Perpignan to Santa Domingo, 2400.
Not sure about the costs from S Domingo to Perla Marina Puerta Plata.

However our goods are second hand so if I read what you are saying we may have to pay 38% additionally.  If that is the case, the choice is pay or sell all our goods and start again.

Interesting when I left Perth in Oz the same goods went by container to Marseille and I never paid any duty!  Any advice, vision etc would be great.  At the age of 70 we would like to keep things as simple as possible!

Warm regards


Really won't matter if you apply for your residency as you are then allowed one container duty free.

When we shipped our container that way the tax/duty came to over $9000 however when applying the one time exoneration the bill was $400

Bob K

Sorry to apppear thick!  Do you mean regardless of residency i.e.if you have one or not you are allowed to bring in one free container?

Just another wee point.  Where can I find a table of departure taxes for periods from 30 days to 12 months?  thank you in advance


No you have to do the "free" shipment with in 6 months of your residency.

The government site (don't know the URL) has a list but here is a copy that I have:
De 30 días a 3 meses
RD $800.00

De 3 meses a 9 meses
RD $1,000.00

De 9 meses a 1 año
RD $2,500.00

De 1 año a 1 año y 6 meses
RD $4,000.00

De 1 año y 6 meses a 2 años
RD $5,000.00

Bob K

Thank you Bob

You are welcome

Bob k

This one of the reasons to get your residencia.  But remember there are some restrictions of what you can bring.  Make sure anything electrical is energy efficient.  Dont try to purchase new stuff right before your move either.

The Department of Finance just agreed yesterday the proposed tax on imported internet items less than $200 dollars is not illegal :-/ Looks like the proposed tax might be on it's way to becoming a reality.  Danilo avoided any comments when they tried to ask him about it, he quickly deferred them to his minister of finance.  It seems that Mr. President does not like to comment on any thing that might hurt his popularity, he lets others do his dirty work.  There is a supposed nude march convocated for this Friday to protest this new tax. Leave your underwear at home folks!

Its still a wide open issue, lots of time for a "presidential decree" like last time.

I agree sometime in the next few days (last minute) it will be put to rest.  I would not be surprised if it is quashed for 2 years (after the next election) and then I will be someone else's problem.

Bob K

Keeping my fingers crossed guys  :cool:

Supreme court has ruled and as of now no taxes on purchases under US 200 via internet.

Yippeee!  Amazon here we come :D:D:D:D:D

Bob K

This is only a temp decision let's not fully celebrate yet, after all this is the country where nonsensical stuff happens :dumbom:  But I will have a glass of wine to celebrate the current win :one

Hello Planner..

I just came across your post .  You are advising not to buy new electronic items before the big move.  it's funny because that is what I had planned to do.. why is it a bad thing to do ?

IF they are brand new they might be flagged as being imported for resale.IF that happens they can charge you duty. 

What you want to do is buy them a couple months in advance, use em, pack em up and ship em.  And make sure the amount you have kind of matches. For example a household of two might bring in 3 flatscreen TV's - 1 for living room and 2 for bedrooms, but wont' bring in 5 or 6. That will flag.

Make sense?

Funny the only tax we paid ($257 USD) on our container (shipped with residency exoneration) for a third TV.  We were told we were allowed two.  So our container (40 foot) packed to the gills had a tax of $257..  We did not argue :D

Bob K

I can imagine not. I will need to find a list of what is "allowed" in shipments....

Quick search turns up this:  this is from 2009 and I will attempt to get it updated.



A physical examination is required prior to applying to the Department of Exoneration for clearance of household goods
Only one household goods and personal effects shipment allowed
Used household goods duty-free, if used and owned for over two years
Dominican citizens may be allowed one time exemption if they have lived abroad a minimum of one year


All new household goods and personal effects items (invoices required)
Duplicate electrical appliances (ie.. refrigerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners)
Computer equipment and machinery


Weapons, ammunition and explosives
Drugs and narcotics (shipment subject to confiscation if included)
Pornographic material
Alcohol and tobacco products must NOT be shipped with household goods, but separately and requires consular documents


One auto per person
Autos must be registered/owned by Customer for at least one year
Not older then 5 years.
If Dominican citizen, Customer must have lived abroad a minimum of two years
Maximum of six cylinders
No motorcycles allowed or other types, they will be charged duty
“Luxury” autos not allowed

Documents required:
Original title must be certified by the Department of Vehicles and legalized by the nearest Dominican Consulate
Original of registration for past three years
Residence Visa
Original Dominican Consular invoice stamped at the nearest Dominican consulate
Original Drivers License
License Plate
All documents must be originals