Will the clothes in S. Korea suit me ?

Hi ^^ I'm planning to visit S. Korea this August and buy some clothes there. I heard sizes are really small there :P In Poland I'm considered skinny - I'm about 170-171 cm (5'7 ?) and my measurements are about:
chest - 87 cm - 34.3 inch
waist - 59 cm - 23.2 inch
hips - 85 cm - 33.5 inch
thighs - 50 cm - 19.7 inch
calf - 30 cm - 11.8 inch

So.... I don't know. If any of you, Girls, could help me, I'd be thankful :)


I guess cloths would be fine for you - but be ready for a very special doll style things. The main thing is about shoes - it's really hard to find any but sport one. :)

Hi. There.
I think it would be fine for you. There are all sorts of different styles and materials so they would be plenty choices.
One more thing, it's famous for gorgeous hairstyles in Korea so If you would like any consultation, just pop by Juno Hair at IFC mall and ask for Hae Na.
My contact number 010-9429-8316
I'm currently working as a hairdresser and used to lived in the UK and Dubai so I can communicate.

If you need any more help, I can help out as well.
Hope you have a great stay in Korea.

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