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My fiancee and I are moving to Dubai to start a luxury product boutique and while we will be getting  in touch with an attorney there, to guide us through the maze that it might be, while we wait for his answers, we wanted to know this:

Is it possible to open the actual office in a freezone and the store in a non-freezone? Because after research I don't think that there are any commercial leases in the free zones there per se, are there?

I have been fortunate to live all over the world throughout my childhood and adulthood, but the UAE is the one area I don't know much about. We will be in Dubai in September for a 3 weeks period to get an idea of the city and its vibe. But in the meantime if anyone with ACTUAL experience in the matter could give us some tips or recommend a very good business attorney there, that would be highly appreciated :)

Thank you very much.


Hi ...the laws in Dubai are very stringent as far as FMCG products go. Agencies hold the rights for distribution of goods but if this is a new product u may register it and start ur own biz. To get further details u may contact some companies that handle the legal works in such matters. If u are interested I can post u some numbers from the local newspapers... since I do not have much experience in this line.

Hi Kat,

First of all, let me say I moved here three weeks ago from.... Belgium, from a village situated in between Antwerp and Brussels.

I also started my own company here, services though, not FMCG, and this was taken care of by a lawyer I found on LinkedIn.  He specializes in setting up new companies, he's just arranged company set ups for other Belgians too.  He is British (Muslim) and he is absolutely reliable and competent.  I do not agree with some minor details in the way he managed things, but on the whole I think he's very good.  If you want, drop me a PM and I will elaborate on his work and forward his details.  My company was set up in the Free Trade Zone of Ras-Al-Khaimah, which you should well note, is over 100 kms away from Dubai.

Moreover, when you are here in September, call me and we can meet up and I can show you around a bit.  I don't know that much about Dubai, but have learned some things during my visits in the previous years ;).

Should you require more support (and this is NOT why I'm writing this!), we can always figure out something business-wise.  If you're interested, I will send you my info by PM.  If preferred, we can communicate in Flemish, French or German.

Hope this can help you and wish you success with your boutique in the wonderful Emirate of Dubai!

Best regards,

Hello Marlene

Thank you very much for your input. I hope all is going well for you in Dubai. I myself am not Belgian. I am partly American, partly French.

We have delayed our trip to Dubai for November. I have already sorted out attorneys, accountant, and real estate agent already however I appreciate your assistance.

What exactly is your company about? Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Take care and thank you again for your insight.



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