Does anyone know where i can buy Caul in Dubai, many thanks

taff,may i know what is Caul?



caul is a pork membrane/fat that is wrapped around meat to hold together and cook in, especially used for cypriot sausages called sheftalia. I hope this helps!!

so,do you cook??

-hope,someone will answer your question,,,
you should post it in Dubai Forum...!

yes i cook lots of different countries food i like to experiment with all culrures food

..good for you,,
shame on mE! i don't know how to cook...I'm a girl!
i love to eat,,but i hate cooking,,it takes time!

cooking is great it relaxes me,. well aslong as i have a drink to hand aswell lol. But you must learn to cook you will enjoy it. start with pork adobo or pancit.

or even tocino which is very easy to make

A Filipino foods..??

i love pork adobo!!

yes filipino food i have worked with many of your country men and women for over 5 years so i have tried and cooked a lot of your food

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