Marrying a kazakh girl!

Hi guys!! My name's Arshad. Well I am into a kazakh girl. I really like her. Hopefully I want to marry her soon. But I still didn't propose her.  I'm also trying to learn russian languages because we have problem in our communication. I want to know from you guys how should I be to a kazakh girl! I meant what does kazakh girls  likes and what not! How should I behave to girls of kazakhstan? I would be humbled know from you guys... :)

You need to give her respect and take your time. How long have you known her and where are you from?

I agreed with keithwlp, you have to treat the Kazakh girl just like you would with any lady in the world, respect and treat her well. That is if you are really serious about have a long term relationship with her and not just see it as a quick or easy relationship.

Link: Tips on dating a Kazakh man or woman....

Oh, is she Kazakh or Kazakhstani? Possible cultural and traditional factors may apply.

I am gong to marry a Russian Kazakh woman in April next year. Just take your time to get to know her and you will both know when the time is right to ask her. You should also meet her extended family and give them time to get to know you as well. The family is very important to every Kazakhstan woman and she will respect their view of you.

Just be aware that there are small number of the population who are just "hunting" for a foreign husband for whatever "reasons" that may be considered to be "wrong". So don't rush into an marriage unless you are both both doing it for the "right" reasons. Don't forget marriage is a long term commitment not just "for Christmas/Valentines Day".

Thanks you guys for your wonderful advice... :D