cheap way to go from pairs to Zurich ?

hi , i will be in Paris after 2 weeks and i will be going to Zurich , any one could advice me how to go from Paris to Zurich ? what is the cheapest way ? train bus or plane ?

A bus might take a while.  TGV or ICE and whatever connections needed would probably take over six hours.  You can fly in about an hour.

can you give the web sites for ice and tgv please ?

Check TGV.. If u book early.. 50 euro only one way. Otherwise plan.. Easy jet to basel, air france to zürich. Check www. Good luck

The cheap way from Paris to Zurich would be point-to-point tickets purchased online in advance. The France discounted fare is called ''Piccolo''. You can buy the 'Piccolissimo' fare or try this SBB website ( )

Paris to Zurich by train is only 4:30 hours.
In some commercials, the starting price is only 25 Euro.
A more realistic price is 110 Euro. (not everyone can book 3 months in advanced; and not everyone wants to travel at 5 am)

A cheap flight can be better than an expensive train ticket.

Eurolines offers buses from Paris to Zurich. Something more than 10 hours and about 70 Euro one way.


By plane would be the cheapest and fastest transportation.  Depending on what day and month, tips in booking flight...always find flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday, they tend to be cheaper and go to as they are very competitive, hence, cheaper than any other travel institutions.  Train is sometimes more expensive that flight and it will take you longer.  Flight is roughly an hour and a half (direct flight).

Good luck & safe journey :)

By the way, avoid flying on a Friday, Saturday and Monday...they are more expensive, these days are popular for Business people so they tend to raise the price.

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