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Hi, Im from Philippines, I have a boyfreind in switzerland, He wants me to come in there but I dont know what is the first step, He is willing to send invitation, accomodation, plane ticket and ect. And also I would like to know which work faster tourist visa or fiancee visa? Please help me guys?


You could start by looking at the Swiss Embassy Manila.
There is more information in Englsih on that site under...
"Entering Switzerland,
Visas for persons living in the Philippines"

Thank you for your suggestion El_Jost, May I know what are those requirements to bring when I go to Swiss Embassy in Manila?or what do I need to prepare?

Romelyn :

Thank you for your suggestion El_Jost, May I know what are those requirements to bring when I go to Swiss Embassy in Manila?or what do I need to prepare?

You write excellent English.
I am now Swiss, originally from Germany. But I'm not a Filipino so have no relevant experience myself.
As mentioned earlier there is a webpage called:
Visas for persons living in the Philippines

Go there and read through everything.
If you have questions you can phone that embassy, I'm sure they can help you better. (I am no immigration expert lol)
Or maybe your bf in Zürich can help you.
One thing I think will be needed is for your bf to fill in the Sponsor form on the site and send it to you.
PS Read the checklist also...
Checklist for the Issuance of a SCHENGEN Visa for VISIT  Sponsored by a Relative or Friend TO SWITZERLAND

Viellendank El_Jost, thats great! Bist Deutsche aus Schweiz..

hello Romelyn,
I will also apply tourist visa in Switzerland by July, as of now i'm still working in Taiwan. when do you plan to apply yours? My boyfriend will also support me kaya lang I have some issue in finding place where I can stay, naghhanap pa kmi ng room for rent. nag mmahal kc ng nakkita nya don eh, medyo tight sa budget kc mag aaral pko ng German language pag dating ko don. message mko para maka intouch tyo.

Hi Romelyn,

First step, make an appointment for Schengen visa that would take weeks before your final interview. I started mine end of March, waited for almost a month for the final interview that was end of April. I called them up after 3weeks for follow up and that was already approved. It is not really that long as long as you provide all the requirements needed and there's no problem with your sponsor. When making a phone call appointment make sure you have your passport with you as they will ask some info based on your passport and also your plan of departure in Switzerland. Hope this will help you a little. Goodluck. Switzerland is waiting for you.:-)


C :-)

Hi lv1016,
Yeah, Im planning to apply visa around august. May I know which school you are studying German Language and in what city? I am currently teaching for German Language School here in Davao. Please add me in facebook (Romelyn Paglinawan) and keep in touch :-)


Hi Cathy'
Thank you so much for that reliable information. That's really a big help.


Hi Romelyn,

Not sure if you have applied a visa already by the time you get this.  Ok, any country you want to go and visit is always a tricky if not difficult.  Not quite familiar with Swiss immigration law, however, Zurich is very very strict on immigration.  Geneva is more open on this so if you can say you are going to Geneva then you may have a chance.  Fiance visa is difficult and you really have to prove a lot, tourist is again very difficult have to show proof of funds on both side.  Perhaps you could just say you are visiting your boyfriend and that you want to see his country and get to know his culture, family and so forth.  Again, they may ask for proof of funds that you are coming back to Pinas.  You could take a gamble and apply as his Fiance...but make sure he will send you all the documents that will support your visit i.e.: bank statements, proof of employment lie contract, contract for the accommodation and a letter of invitation from your Fiance.  It will help if he could go to Pinas and apply there with you so they can interview you and they can see him (it will make a strong application if he is with you in Manila).

Good luck and keep me posted :)

Hi ems,

I have boyfriend too in thurgau switzerland,he's planning to visit me on august in pinas which is our first it okay if i can apply a fiance visa in august?he told me that he's going with me while im gonna apply a fiance visa so that he will know about it.
And may i know what should my boyfriend needs to prepare?so that he can bring it all of what they needed to.
And may i know also of what should i need to prepare?
Thank you very much hope you can help me in this matter.
God Bless ;)

hello everyone!!!

im a newbie here, can anybody help me how to prepare and what to be prepare for the swiss fiancee visa?? we are planning to make it with the agency for preparing my visa, is it easier on that way??, do they require medical too like most of the country??? do you have any idea about the requirements??? please help me im really shaking and so nervous if will gonna make ii :( godbless all! hope will sew you all in switzerland in gods time... thank you...

Hi maemae and Ellie,
about your question for fiance vise in sitzerland is following to do.
You alone or with him need to go in swiss embassy in Manila to apply for fiance visa but isnt for free.
You need all documents of you and family................the will ask you many requierments of you and they will do interview with you too po
Fiance visa of switzerland...means you will marry here in switzerland....thats why tooks some weeks- till 3 month.

In same time he need to go his Zivilstandesamt and apply there for a Ledigkeitsbescheinigung ( mena she not married before or divorce ) .........but he also needs all documents of you in orginal copies...................coz they will overproof all too...................and cost much money again he needs to pay.for the overproofing of you in switzerland too. The Migrationamt of switzerland also will check all.............and if all ok.................they will allowed you to get fiance visa.
But I will tell in that time isnt sure you will get that fiance visa of switzerland coz the make new not to much foreigners come in switzerland..and as I said be sure..if your ages to much diffrent....they not will give you fiance visa..means...they not allowed        to marry him here.
But what really for sure neet to pay all in Manila by Swiss Embassy and he needs to pay here all for documnets and overproofing..................even they will not allowed...............lost all the money...hehehe.
So go online in " … .....thats hompage of Swiss in Manila. Look under visa & entry to switzerland...................there all they inform you about visa for switzerland. And you can call them in Makati too.
And depend of the Kanton he live's here..............many kanton not allowed no more......if the age of you and really you are 20-25......and he 50-60 years old.
About the requirements you needs for swiss fiance can search in net by Swiss will find out all there in Swiss Embassy- Manila homepage.

I fyou clever.......dont do it over agency..........coz you need to pay them too.even you get no fiance visa po !!!!
Pay in Swiss embassy, pay here all.......and agence too...............and not really will get it po

Wish you all.......much luck po / ate / frends......but be sure.......the live here also not easy...............and switzerland much expensive.for daily live and all po

Im a german and live here in switzerland....................I has done all the ways over german embassy and swiss embassy to....................some years before...but always they change any of the rules for now I think best applying time is in beginning of a like January/February.for fiance visa.

So take care po/ate/frend............and always think possitive.................


thank you very much gary for the information
im starting to shake now, i think of this 24/7 everyday, im starting to learn french by my own, i really hope me and my partner can do this, they said geneva is not so that strick,, i trust it all to god... thank you again and i will fallow all your advice... :)

hi gary, thank you so much for your reply, one more thing im not sure of,, is the schengen visa is the same with what i have to apply to??? are they the same?? do i have to undergo medical as one of my requirements for visa?? thank you very much gary for the information
im starting to get nervous, i think of this 24/7 everyday, im starting to learn french by my own, i really hope me and my partner can do this, they said geneva is not so that strick.

Hello, good evening. I am new here, so I hope that someone can still read my enquiries.
I have a multiple entry schengen visa for a year and it will expired on July 17, 2020. My question is can I apply for another visa like a student visa for Switzerland while I still have my one year schengen visa?
Can I apply for a Student visa directly at the end of my current schengen visa?
Do I need to leave the schengen area on the 17th if I have a new student visa starting on the 18th of july 2020...

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