Yes, except for Arizona and Hawaii, where they already have plenty of daylight, Daylight Savings Time started at 2 AM local time, switching to 3 AM.  This idea was tried briefly during WWI, first in Europe, then in the USA, but was not used starting in 1919.  WWII brought it all back as an energy saving and increased productivity measure, but it was just since 2007 that the clocks are not turned back until November to allow for more daylight during the late October Trick or Treat nights for the kids.  So enjoy your 23 hour day, and plan your vacation to include the first Sunday in November to have a 25 hour vacation day.

It helps watching TV for us as we are ATlantic time zone and now with DLS time we are the same time as the east coast

Bob K

I like it because my family is an hour closer for a few weeks!

I don't miss it.