Reading habits in the USA

Hello everyone,

Books can be your greatest companions whether you have already settled in the USA or are now planning your move. Are you an avid or occasional reader? We would like to know more about your reading habits.

What type of reading do you enjoy? Do you read novels, comics, magazines, newspapers, etc.?

Where do you purchase or borrow books in the USA (bookstores, online, library subscription, etc.)? Do you prefer digital reading?

Do you have an average budget devoted to reading in the USA? Do you buy books or pay a library membership fee?  Do you spend more or less than in your country of origin?

In what languages can you find the books that you usually read?

What books or magazines would generally be found on your bedside table?

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I am in school, so I mostly read for school. Textbooks are not entertaining or adventurous, but they do serve a purpose.

I used to read newspapers in Israel and when I lived in New York. I have not seen a newspaper in North Carolina.

I buy almost all of my books from the student store and borrow freely from the school libraries. I have heard that there is a local library, but I have not seen it. The city next door also has a "Cybrary", but I have no idea how that works. I believe library cards are free to local residents.

All of the books I read at school are in English. The only classes not in English are foreign language classes, none of which I take.

I am 61 with a MBA. I was a business person and am now an educator.  I read the following:
1). Much of The Washington Post
2). I read occasional articles from The New York Times
3). I exchange various articles of interest with a group of friends.

All of the above are read online.

I am an avid reader of books. They’re a wonderful companion and as soon as I finish one book, I begin another.  Ninety percent of the books I read are non-fiction such as, but not limited to,
- historical events (American, sports, international explorers, pop culture)
- biographies
- crime, real life
- suspense

I read fiction occasionally.

Over the last year I have read books about two American presidents, Johnny Cash, Ted Williams, fiction centered on a dog, non-fiction about dogs and their personalities, Sherlock Holmes, a book about the making of the movie “Psycho”, and who knows what.

I hope that helps.

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