Roadtrip from west to east coast

I have been searching some information how to travel from the west to east coast for person who is first visiting the US. Air is definitely the best option, especially in December. I am just wonderring whether anyone here have tried by bus + train - approximately 2 to 3 weeks. If yes, please share your experience & advice. Thank you in advance.

Trains are far more comfortable than a bus.  A bus ride across the country would be a nightmare.

Many thanks, Hailey. I heard about Amtrack. Is it suitable to travel by train from the west to the east in December (say Seattle to NYC?). I am afraid if snowing during that time and it would be so cold?

Yes going from Seattle to NYC via train or road will involve cold temps and snow across the rocky mountains and great plains.

Bob K

Many thanks, Bob K - it sounds the best part of the trip :)

Trains can travel in snow.

HaileyinHongKong wrote:

Trains can travel in snow.

Thank you, Hailey.