accommodation in Wroclaw

Hi, I'm looking for accommodation in Wroclaw, Does anyone know any cheap hostels in city center? It would be graat if you know some pleace on the main square.

Thank you!

Hello Ana,

Welcome to :)

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Looking for a long-term accommodation or only for a few days?

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Hey Anna

The best place to stay in Wroclaw is

disclaimer: I am friends with the owners for the past year and have visited the hostel for cooking events or when heading out for pub crawls and never stayed here but the quality of the hostel is comparable to any top-rated hotel and the prices are hostel-prices and the atmosphere is really chill and nice

Thx, I'm staying here:, nice one, but there is not too many people here?
Anyone now in Wroclaw?

Hi Anna

Are you asking if there are too many people in the hostel? It would be a good idea to just go and visit and check it out:

And yes, I am in Wroclaw right now

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