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Hi All, my name is Stewart and I will be working in Lubumbashi in the near future. I'm from Cape Town South Africa and really would appreciate getting in contact with some folks living in Lubumbashi. Please get in touch with me if you can recommend places to stay and any quirks I should be aware of. All the best.

Hi, I am Chen... It's been the fifth weeks working in Kinshasa as an expat... Just knew about this forum and try to explore the life here in Kinshasa expecially Gombe area...

Hi all, thank you for welcoming me to this forum I'm a Zimbabwean citizen currently here in Lubumbashi and looking for a new position. Was in Kolwezi since 2007 supplying fuel to the mines in that area. Now looking for any opportunity in that field or related I have vast experience in management with a solid mechanical background being a qualified artisan fitter machinist. Other areas of experience include transport, logistics and camp management.


I hold a diploma in Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy, have ample experience in Platinum and Gold processing. Currently living in Harare, Zimbabwe and planning to move to the drc. I speak fluent English and French. Kindly advise me if there's anything for me either here or on xxx

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Hi All
My name is Andy and I've been working  in Kambove DRC for the last 7 months as camp manager. Every day I learn more. I really battle with French but it's been a real experience so far. Hey if anyone knows of a simple way to lean the language please let me know it will be a big help.

All you have to do, is to read dictionnary book for comparing what you know in your first language with their meanings in french and srart speak it with all your mistakes!! Ask where you think is hard to you, make friends french speakers so that they help you

Hi my name is Nikita and I fell in love wirh the Congo in 2014 when me and my son came to visit his dad who was currently then working in the Congo.  I was very ill and never thought I would be able to work again.  Whell I am fine and all well and is working.  But now the bug is biting to want to work and live in the Congo.  So now I am job hunting.

Hello i am judith .I am interested in starting a freelancer business in kinshasa  .would like to  have some ideas on how to start a business in kinshasa .

Hi everyone,
I'm Olive and I work for a tv production company in Kenya. So basically we create and develop tv content. I'm Congolese by origin, but hardly lived in the country so I feel like a visitor in my own country 😝 I'm currently in Kinshasa and visiting all possible places. It's been fun and I look forward to meeting up new people😉

I have lived in Kinshasa some time back. Ive established business in Zambia but the charm of DRC has lured me back. This time in Lubumbashi. Starting a pharmaceutical Depot here.
Like to find friends to hang out with. Pretty much single. Love music n singing bollywood.


I am Anand and I have moved from Vancouver to Lubumbashi last week. I am a software engineer by profession and wanting to set up a development office here. 

I am looking to find new hangout spots here. I am a big fan of exploring nature. I don't know anyone here other than family and would love to meet new people.

Hi to all
i am living in Congo since last five years had hand on Congo market experience 
working as GM in dairy based manufacturing company

leave the job due to personal reason going to Pakistan for one month will back soon looking for job


Hi Everyone, I have studied my field of Electrical Technician right here in Zambia and I have undergone a vast experience of industrial challenges both technically and safety wise, i am currently looking forward to having a  experience of working abroad  in the same field working as Auto /High Voltage Electrician looking after mining equipment in an open cut type of environment, currently i am offering my services for FQML KALUMBILA MINERALS as Electrical Supervisor  for Shovels and Drills

Hi Anna,
Are you still around? your post dates 2014...Want to know how easy is it to find expat friends. I dont see friendly faces in the 30 days that Ive been here.

Hi, every one?
Me I did these projects, mining construct pit , leaching ,  extraction and electrolyse. And am ready to work from mining to copper process, EW.
Thank you, very much
Regards Marvin.



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