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Hi I from Indonesia and i live in dubai right now working in hospitality industri , but i would like to move and work in scotland , can anyone give me the information how to get working permit and working visa if i don't have job offer yet.

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Have you tried contact the embassy to have some information?

Can you please also tell us why you want to leave Dubai to move and work in Scotland? Any particular reasons?

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Hi Hasnaa

Thank's for the advice , the reason why i wanna go stay and work in scotland because my boyfriend he move to Glasgow and I want to be with him.

Since he not settle yet in UK site so he can't take me and give me sponsor for stay, even his holding UK passport and originaly from there, he never stay and work in UK for many years he always stay abroad .

But we have dificulity to make working visa for me .

If you have any idea from your experience or your friends ,i really appriciate if you can give me some information.

Thanks dear xx


I live near Glasgow. My girlfriend is Indonesian. I would like to talk with you about visa etc

my email is lensecosse[at]



hello micheal,

i would wish to know if i a Kenyan can work in Scotland.
I need my sis to work as a babysitter or aupair or any job please.
We will cover costs.Thanks in advance.

Hello Anna, A Kenyan national cannot work in the UK unless they have a work permit and sponsored.Your Sister will have to apply and register with a Kenyan Nanny agency e.g. :

but be careful, some of the contracts that these agencies use are very strict...your Sister may be stuck here even if she wanted to leave....big problems. In basic terms it is a racket!


I am a Kenyan living in Scotland, from my experience its not possible to employ an au pair from the developing countries to come and work in #Europe unless these au pair was already working with the family in Kenya and they moved to Europe. The migration system is very strict , the argument is you would be denying the local people employment, that's why there are so many au pairs from other European countries, who are not subjected to immigration control, hope this helps

As michael1956 said, do be wary. A friend's daughter moved to Switzerland to work as an aupair for 3 months for a seemingly 'upstanding' family. They never paid her, and she was stuck there not only taking care of the kids, but they used her as a maid, as well. Make sure you get references.

that's a shame, i live in Scotland and have had Au pairs from japan, France, Italy and now Spain. i don't treat an au pair as a maid, i treat them as part of my family, reason being, they are here to learn English and not to be used as maids. in your contract with the Au pair, you  have to state in writing the  household chores, they would be required to undertake, and its mostly light housework. I pay the Au pair weekly pocket money and she has to sing a receipt to prove that she has received her weekly pocket money. My Au  pair has her own bedroom, bathroom and she shares the T.V lounge with my 9 year old son.

She is allowed eat when she wants and not dictated to about meal times. My philosophy in life is this, treat An au pair with respect and your children will be well looked after when you re out of the house, if you mistreat An au pair , its your children that suffer in the long run

Its sad some people use Christianity to enslave other members of the society, this family  should be very ashamed of themselves and why call yourself 'upstanding family' when you cant treat another member of society with respect and diginity.WAKE UP PLEASE

Hi all,
Am glad for the information posted. Kindly tell me then how she can come on a work,study programs if they are available there. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

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