Accommodation in Beverly Hills Al Rayyan Compound


I'm a British Expat with a 3 bedroom apartment and looking for a flatmate to share the accommodation.

The compound is 1 of the best in Doha for facilities and the apartment includes:

* Fully furnished
* Internet
* Home theater system (TV Pending currently own a projector that does 80-120")
* Spare bedroom for guests.

* Huge swimming pool & a smaller one
* Well-equipped gym
* Steam and sauna rooms
* Laundrette
* Squash court
* Snooker tables
* Barbers
* Basketball court
* Tennis court
* Mini-mart
* Doha Rocks Cafe
* Fitness Hall

The rent is 6250 QAR with utilities on top split 50/50.

No smokers!

Hi yes interested in the room Please contact me on 33715374



Hello Sent message last night with a contact no just wondering if its still available.

Hi Gavin,

Yes, still available, just had a late night at work. I've got a few responses and need to schedule everyone. Can I get back to you in a weeks time? The place isnt available until the first week of April - FYI. That cool?



Thanks would love too but I need to move out on the 26th Feb as my month is nearly up in my temp accommodation. But I will keep in touch if anything changes

Hi CptJackSparrow,

Please post an advert in the Housing in Doha section :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

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