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Hai thanks for ur reply.I have heard their in schools the teachers talk in arabic and dont give impt to english which i dont want to happen with my son .apart from that i want a school for my son with good curiculum,good teachers  etc.

Why don't you look at New Middle East International School? They teach Indian curriculum and staff is mostly Indian in their Indian section. They also have an American and French section.

how about the teaching,academic excellence,do they teach in arabic? i dont want that.all over is it a good school?

As far as I know medium of instruction is English and they have CBSE and IGCSE curriculums. It should be a decent school but you should visit and evaluate yourself.

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Google and you will find websites listing the dozens of,international schools in Riyadh, even with locations and contact info, and websites.  Some websites also have reviews.  Instead of collecting info from people here, which will take a long time and you,wont get much info anyway, go to sites which have all the collected info.

This is the biggest issue in Riyadh. You first need to mention your range of Fee. School choice depends upon the fee. A medium ranged school includes DPS Riyadh.

fees is not an issue.good schools are an issue.

Well, then it all depends upon what grade you are looking for and what system do you want your kids to be. In case of American and British school, the kid needs to qualify admission test.

The second option in mid range school is Al manarat and Al rawad. visit their website for details.

Multinational school is also a good brand to be considered.

parveen banu :

fees is not an issue.good schools are an issue.

What is definition for a "good school"?

Well I'm not a foreigner in Riyadh , I am from Riyadh , I am going to tell you the top 3 best schools in Riyadh 1. American school it's quite nice it has different people from different countries and has independence and group work at the same time , it's quite a life package it's the best for sure hands down check it out and get a tour of it you'll love it it's kind of the American life style , 2. British school . Unlike the American school the British school is quite strict so it's really your choice if you want your son to live in a strict environment or not strict environment because you want the American life style or the British .
3.advanced learning school I would say it's full of Saudi people and has mean kids I guess . My opinion is grade 1-5 ALS and grade 6-8 American then you'd put your kid to the British school in grade 9-12 that would give him the full experience of the best schools and how to deal with change and how to be comfortable with change and if you'd move he'd feel used to it because he'd had a lot of friends and new friends in the future since als does have mean people it's better for him to experience that and how to deal with haters and good and bad and it's very important to make him stand out be himself be different so that's my opinion if you'd like to take it  . 😍
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Witch is better American school Riyadh or British school Riyadh ?????

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Dana3245 :

Witch is better American school Riyadh or British school Riyadh ?????

i feel british education is good.

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