Moving to Madinah- any indian school? Playschool?

Asak hope you all are fine :)   guys im moving to madina next month.can anybody tell me about quality of education there? is there any good indian schools? any playschool? as im happy with my hubbys transfer to the holy city but also concerned about my kids studies.pls answer my query.

no reply :(  plz answer friends

Actually you are absolutely right about your concern... Education is almost the only obstacle you might face over there, may ALLAH help you in this...

lady786 :

no reply :(  plz answer friends

Let me reply at least. Check this school.


Google can also give you sites with lists of schools in Madinah.

Thanks for ur effort n reply. But this school is in hyd india not in madinah Ksa. :(

i dont know about schools, however there is a madrasa which takes place in the holy mosque itself twice everyday (after fajr and after asr) for islamic education particulary Quraan and hifz. I would advice you to make use of it until your destined to stay there.

Did you use google?  I used it for you and found this document which lists some schools: … inahv5.pdf

Use google and find more resources.

yes i use google many tym buy that doesnt shown the info regarding english schools.any ways thanks for ur effort and this link.  :) ill try it may be get the required info.

Well I got that link using google and it gives a list of English language schools, at least it says so.  Hope it helps.

hi there,

i would like to know if anyone here know any madrasa to study for memorisation of the Al Quran in Madina? the madrasa must be full boarding.

thank you

Asslamelakum, i live in Madinah (Alhamdulillah), My two daughters are studying in DAR AL HIJRA NATIONAL SCHOOL, this is the only one Indian school in Madinah which is approved by Ministry of Education (Saudi Arabia), course is based on CBSE board.

School is Good MashaAllah, however, fees is little high KG TO 2ND CLASS SR 600 PM. and 2nd to 7th sr 500 pm.+ 300 admission fee.

I came from india and am doing  job in madinah site as a draftsman from 1 year and I want to call my family here so please I want to know indian schools in madinah as my daughter 5 years old now she is in ukg standard so please locations of indian school and hospitals for my family for general and women reagarded and rheumatologist specialist doctors hospital . so I want list of indian schools and list of hospitals with address and location pls

pls tell the locations of dar al hijra school or address and if you know the indian schools send list of indian schools near to masjide nabvi is better

Darul Hijra is a Pakistani school that follows Federal Board, right? Per what I heard, it is not following the CBSE syllabus. Could you please confirm if your kid is studying there? Thanks!

Please let me know the school address

Plz sir let me know the location of this school. it cbse pattern?

Assalamualikum you found the indian school in madinah? Because am also moving to madinah. If yes please send me the details of the school

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