Raising kids in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

How is raising kids in Saudi Arabia different from raising kids in your home country?

What are the activities that your kids seem to enjoy the most in Saudi Arabia?

Do you feel that the country is "family-friendly"?

Do you recommend Saudi Arabia as a good place to raise kids? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


It is very difficult in saudi

Kids feel alone always need to be in home
All relatives and family member attachments missing
They will not aware of monet value they are not facing life reality and multicultural feelings

Once they moved to home country very difficult to manage

I strongly recommend kids to stay in home country

Overall it was an interesting and rewarding experience, and we leave the Kingdom with no regrets.  , here is my practical advice and information for new expats with children in Saudi Arabia. I will assume you have already learned about the laws, religious customs, and cultural norms of the country that expatriates are to respect and follow.yes i think it different because:
1. Connect with others different countries people.
2. Preschools here are different.
3. Kids are everywhere.
4. Get out and explore.
5.English is Everywhere, Learning Arabic is fun and important
6.Keep the traditions alive

there are lot of big big  amusement park in saudi arabia and zoo and there are some parks and and there is also some named expensive park.and some historical place and malls are there too.in in malls there are small amusement park,jeddah corniche beach.

I work now in Saudi Arabia as a Financial Controller. I wish if I can help you with this matter but first let me share with you my story.

My parents moved to Saudi Arabia in 1987, I was born here and they raise me up here.

Living in Saudi Arabia is fine, but not for long period. I did not feel the difference until I reach 18, I study my primary and high school here but then when everyone starts to submit their application to join the local university. It's not allowed for foreigners to join universities here. So I moved to Malaysia in 2007 I finished my Accounting degree there and I worked there for a couple of years. Then, I came back to Saudi Arabia again. It's not my hometown I can't get the Saudi Passport but still, I feel like I belong to here. Raising your kids will make it difficult for them to live anywhere else.

They will face a culture shock when they get out of here. The culture is very strict and strange but If you get used to it you will love it. The country is the safest country in the world. People here are so friendly and so racist at the same time. Your kids will just adapt to the lifestyle here. The activities that they can enjoy depend on where do you live. For example, if you get a good job with a good package, you will be living most properly in compounds. They will find a lot of foreigner kids to play with. They would speak English and they will have a marvelous lifestyle that honestly can't be found somewhere else.

If you lived in public district like the one I have been raised up in, they will be highly affected by the Saudi culture. They will find difficult to adopt again to their original lifestyle in their home country. Although, the country in family-friendly, if you don't want to let them play with the kids in streets. There is a lot of Big shopping malls that you can take them to in the weekend. There is also a lot of communities for each country. To sum up, YES, Saudi Arabia is a very good place to live and raise kids. I had the opportunity to live here most of my life and I found it difficult to go back to my home country again.

I am a bachelor yet I feel, looking at some non-saudi kids and and their parents in Arar, that it's not a fun to raise kids in Saudi Arabia. Parents have to maintain several decorum to fit the need of the society which results in limited resources for children to entertain/ develop themselves multidimensionally.


I can only speak from my observations as I do not have any kids to raise

- The kingdom is extremely family friendly, more so than many countries
- Kids can enjoy a full experience here as many activities are only geared to families
- Schools as anywhere need to be vetted but in general, having a family in Saudi is how you really enjoy the kingdom

Hi Thanks all for the light on the topic.

I like to know the school admission process (also the curriculum ) and at what age of the kids allowed for schooling and pre schooling. etc any any imp info.


Although I am through raising my kids back in the USA, I do work in an international school and we have students living her from all over the world. I as a parent and grandparent and coordinator for our English as a second Language department feel it is a benefit and plus raising children in this environment. First of all it is a wealthy and clean country with good morals and values. It is also a safe and friendly atmosphere to expose your children to. It is very family oriented and offers many fun and memorable activities for children of all ages. Swimming, boating, fishing, camping, shopping, sightseeing and historical places that offer an educational experience. In today's world I could not think of a better country to bring up my children.

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Yes, the country is safe and friendly for families.  Extra curricular activities are lesser comparing to my home country. I sent my eldest children to abroad for bachelor degrees, and most of the expatriates do the same.

Moving from Canada to KSA almost 4 years ago was a difficult choice for many a reasons but I must admit that perception of KSA is not a true reflection.  No one said welcome to my family but no one also looked at us as aliens. 

Having both my boys enrolled in international school made my kids blend in pretty quick and easy.  I am happy with their progress so far.  Schools are damn expensive but if one can afford then that takes care of many problems itself.  4 and a half out of 5.

In then end, changes that I have seen in past year or so are already making us think that this country would start looking Dubai in no time and we are looking forward to it.

Actually its quite diffrent than in our home country... but i personally like it... as i am not in the metro cities there are much less activities around ... but there are malls around... and my kid is small so hes not much into anything... so i didnt probe much... it is quite family friendly...

I think it is easy to raising my kids in Saudi Arabia compare to my home country.
My kids are enjoying almost all activities & having equal right in ksa.
YES this country is family friendly  and secure
I recommend to every Muslim to raise there kids in ksa and made them real Muslim
The most important thing which force me to stay in ksa is security. Me and family is completely secure.

I  am living here single and my family stay at home and I am not experience about but I enjoying myself 😉

Watch out from social isolation leading to autism in kids! Malls and parks are good for the kids, but do not substitute for kids playing with other kids of their age. Lack of extended family support is a big hurdle for father and mother.

Yes saudi is much better country than other Arab countries. Particularly for ladies and children.

Raising kids is not an issue depend where do you live there are compound most of the expat live in compounds where you will have european standard. kids are going to be happy family will enjoy it and neighbors are  good.   i do not see any problem as per my experience.

Base my experience here at Saudi Arabia. The children here very difficult and very stomborn, very lazy.no deciplain here parents.. And the attitudes is very bad even children behavior...

I have been a father only for 13+ months now, so may be I am not that experienced to answer this question. Nevertheless, I would like to share my experience.

I found Saudi Arabia to be much better a place to raise kids in comparison to my country, India. I have twin daughters. My kids stayed in Saudi for almost 6 months and they didn't fall sick even once, alhamdulillah. Right now they are in India for almost 2 months and my wife has visited the doctor countless times. There is so much pollution, dirt and garbage around you that its very unlikely for the kids to not fall sick. Although there are huge efforts from the government in making India clean but on ground, situation has not changed much.

Another big advantage in Saudi is that its a very peaceful place and you could go out with family without any hassle. As a family we have been to public places like parks and malls, countless times and I have not faced any eve teasing incident in Saudi. In India, it can be very uncomfortable or even dangerous sometimes for ladies or families to goto public places. incidents of eve teasing and even rapes are rampant. here in Saudi we almost everyday used to take our kids to park and its always so safe.

I find Saudi Arabia a much safer place to live than India where outbreak of violence on petty issues is very common and rampant these days.

This is my personal opinion based on my experience.

Thank you.

fir kids this is not good place to grew up here atmosphere is not friendly also education level is very bad if your kids is studying in school saudia arab it mean they can't take part in any competition or entrance in any school out of saudia.

Not at all a good place!! People in hometown or other countries are more clever, exposed and experienced especially is social life.

Rising kids is the major part of parenting and it’s all about how u do it.
Let it be Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the world it’s something which is beyond our limits.
Generally speaking,raising kids away from your home country may help kids grow in a new comunity but there are still risks of kids being unaware of the lifestyle back in home country
Overall KSA offers education as good as any country.
Extracurricular activities are entertained as in any country here.
Kids learn from the environment they live.there is no doubt that home is the first school but the atmosphere,climate as well as neighborhood also plays important role in the knowledge development of kid.

Like anywhere else in the world even in Saudi the class of living and lifestyle changes here in city to city and it’s all about choosing the right one.
Thank u

well it's quite difficult to raise your child in saudi Arabia , beacuse of culture. lack of soical interaction of your son with similer age children , and weather condition.
you should ingage your son in early to international school, not beacuse of learning only , but for let him enjoy being with others , play , learn and share !
also being a dad or mom in the same time a friend is useful for developing the family bonds and improving thier character .

To get the most helpful answer you should post ages of children and wether they are boys or girls. I did not have children while there but because of total separation of sexes outside the home is quite different from life in the west. In yanbu where i lived i heard the international school will convert to online due lack of students or companies who will pay for schooling for employee children. It is a challenging experience.

Saudis value family time but are very private and you do not see families outside family compounds often. Girls find it the most challenging. If you are fortunate enough to be living in a gated compound it is a whole different story. Within those walls life is more open. Sexes can mix ...swimming pools open to both sexes ...girls can ride bikes...abaya not needed. They are a bubble of the western life. I hope this is helpful.

actually its difficult to raise kids in saudi arabia. kids should spend every day 5 hours play outside. weather is not suitable for this.
also i do not feel that its save to allow the kids to play outside

I agree with your thoughts.  It all about parents behavior, habits, culture, planning, knowledge sharing & guidance to theirs kids. But still I am thinking that how to enhance social lifestyle of kids in Saudi where it has almost isolated lifestyle, cultural diversification w.r.to home town.

Very soon I will be relocating to SAUDI in Jeddha OR KAEC . kindly tell me which can be  better location to wife & my son (2.5 years old ) for his social & education development.

Is it good to travel daily between Jeddha & KAEC . I heard that new high speed train is starting soon between these two locations.


Are you in Saudi Arabia


No, But I may relocate to Saudi in next few months.

What do you think on this subject ?

Kids can't develop well their social interactions coz of some factors such as communications, culture, safety, environment, etc with other kids. They usually do indoor activities or with gadgets always due to lack of playmates...  :)  :c

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