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You could apply if your marriage is recorded in NSO but that takes a while ,it goes to Manila ,you use to be able to pay for a copy sooner but I don't know I sent for mine twice not there went to where I got my license they had not sent it to Manila that was nine months after my marriage, so had it sent digital

Do not buy from Philippines airlines then. The requirement is an on going ticket whoever issues it. As an aside I recently returned from Kuala via their national airline they didn't ask for a return ticket only my Icard. lol I t just depends on the day, the person the weather etc.

If your on permanent visa you don't need a onward ticket when you return to the Philippines, I use PAl after I got permanent visa , they have the lowest price to and from the Philippines and the miles come In handy, my last flight free, if you watch you can get a flight to the Philippines for around $400 from USA even less sometimes the last flight from Cebu to LAX we had about 350 empty seats you could get one for $250 if you were there

How much is 13000 paseos in dollars?  so that would mean I could stay fir 6 month's

IN THE PHILIPPINES HAVING A MARRIAGE ACR CARD YOU ARE TREATED UNFAIRLY AND NO DIFFERENT THAN A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN..A Philippines citizen Overseas Foreign Worker going abroad needs an ECC for a cost of less than 500 pesos...It is real BULLSHIT if a foreigner who invests his money in the country, takes care of a his Filipina wife and family, is charged such outrageous sums...IT'S LIKE YOU ARE BEING PUNISHED FOR JUST BEING MARRIED TO ONE OF THEIR PEOPLE...If you plan to do NO travel abroad than the ACR card would be the way to go, otherwise visitor visa extensions is best...

My last 6 month extension was about 7000

Have all your documents with you and make sure non are expired.  You'll also need to pay an exit tax of 1000 peso to leave.  That was the cost last time I left.

leearayat :

hi i am a graduate of computer engineering and currently working in a manufacturing company, will i be able to get a job even if my visa is for tourist only? how to send my application? pls. hellp.

thank you!

No you'll need a work permit unless you are paid by a sponsor outside of the Phils.

From what I hear there are no more 6 month visa extension

13,000 is shy of $250.00 at today’s 53 to 1 exchange rates

If you have stayed 6 months or more in the philippines you will have to obtain and exit clearance even if you have an acr card

I am on a tourist visa and I still get 6 months visas up to the 2.5 year total allowed for one stay in the Philippines

I am on a tourist visa  so need onward. Was married but got divorced before getting permanent visa

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