Moving to Budapest - need help with apartment!

Hey all,

Looks like I'll be moving to Budapest late January/early February.

In terms of location, I've never been but the areas that have been recommended to me are Octogon, Raday Utca and Ferenc Liszt square. I think most likely somewhere around Octogon since a few people have vouched for this area.

Anyway, searching for apartments online is proving difficult so far, does anyone have any good starting points, perhaps know any good agencies I can get in touch with online, or know any good long term rental websites that are good with responding? (A couple of websites I've e-mailed so far didn't reply and with others, e-mails seem to bounce)

I'm looking for a modern 2 bedroom apartment, and will be renting for a minimum of 3 months and likely maximum of 6 months (although that could change)

Advice appreciated!



Hi Mikey :)

Have you tried to create an ad in the Housing in Budapest section please? It might be helpful.

I also suggest you to have a look to the Real estate in Budapest page, this may also be useful. :)

Thank you,

Priscilla team

Mid term accommodation is trickier but possible. You can either go direct with this big list of where to search. Or consider a shortcut I have just PMed you.

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