Any reputable botox and derma filler clinics in HCMC?

Thinking of getting botox and derma fillers facial treatment in HCMC. So many clinics in HCMC willing to do it at a cheap price. I am highly suspicious, however, I am sure there reputable clinics that do good jobs at a reasonable price but still cheaper than the US. Anyone have any experience?

mimi clinic, you can search google, not sure about price, i go for skin treatment at Vichy spa, really good and reasonable price but they dont do botox
here it is, very famous, Vietnamese artists often go there ;)

My mom and i have been to Orient skincare lazer center. My mom did the botox for eye area. It looks really natural and beautiful.My mom is very happy and pleased with this center.I did the facial skincare. Service was excellent, the staffs there are very friendly and professional.

Hi Rachel, which Orient clinic did you go to? There are a few of them in HCMC.

Thank you

Be very careful.. Although it happened 1 year ago in Hanoi. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere. … into-river