Abort preganacy, Please help.

Please, does anyone have information or experience on this issue. I would like to know if the international organisation Mari Stopes international  is a sound option in Vietnam, are they professional and courteous.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Is this the right place to be asking?
I have spoken with them, but I hope to get a recommendation on this issue.
My GF (not Vietnamese. tourist.) needs this issue reconciled.
Please help.

If you want an abortion, you can get one at any of the major hospitals. Abortion is not illegal in Vietnam.

tanks. I am more concerned for the health and safety of my GF. quality of treatment and requirements. She is from Indonesia and in Indonesia is incredibly complicated... ... impossible. just wasting time with no outcome... In Vietnam, I would would like to know the documentation requirements, can tourists get the procedure
In Indonesia must require special health circumstances detrimental to mother or child for approval.
I don't want to just turn up there and not Know what is required.

We have been messed around in Indonesia now for 4 weeks for nothing.
Looked into doing in Australia, but takes 3 weeks for visa.
Vietnam is 4 days for appointment.
Have info re quality? and formalities?
Thank you so much for your quick response.

Check FV Hospital in District 7. I know it can be done there. I do not know the formalities involved. Will probably cost around $1000 USD. Of course, would be much cheaper in a Vietnamese hospital, but I cannot vouch for the quality of care. I've had 2 surgeries done at FV without any problems. It's western-quality care.

Thank you. if you or any other readers have further information I would greatly appreciate your time to respond. Thank you so much Miss saigonmonkey

Haha...you fell for my avatar photo that was shown at the time of your posting. The beautiful lady facing the ocean was my wife, not me. :)

I don't look like my avatar either. Back to more serious topic though. If you don't mind, please keep me in mind if you have access to further information. Situation is getting a little desperate.

Is visa on arrival for ausralian to enter Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the better places to get this rather sensitive procedure done, thanks to the population control policies that they have in place.  Just focus on the financial and medical aspects; you  should be fine.

Yes, Miss Saigonmonkey is a fine woman...  My hat goes of to her.

Have info re quality? and formalities?
I understand Marie Stopes is an international organisation and are the only place to do in Australia, but are their requirements liberal and standards the same as Australia?
Requires a doctors referral? as it does in Australia. any grounds for refusal. I am in Australia. She is in Indonesia. we would enter on a tourist visa.

I am hoping for someone to confirm their professional approach, medical professional, and grounds for refusal / acceptance.
thank you for your response.

hey,check out on this website : hanhphuchospital.com/
they r Singapore-Vietnam  hospital, they may able to support you with this.vote for their professional service n caring. I often bring my daughter there for medical check up too.

@oz74 hi. May I know if you went to Vietnam? Hows the procedure there? Im planning to go there soon to get this procedure

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