Department of Alien Police

I am currently trying to plan a 1-year trip to Slovakia, probably with my teenage son, to spend time living there and getting to know my Hungarian relatives and do research on a book on our family history, as well as to learn both Hungarian and Slovak.  I will be working for an American company out of my residence while I am living there.  According to information I have received from the Slovak embassy, as I probably won't have a Slovak employer and the research I plan on doing is not going to be sponsored by  a college or other type of institution, I would need to obtain special permission from the Department of Alien Police. 

Can anyone tell me how easy or accommodating they are to deal with?


Well it can be quite difficult getting the correct information. Whilst they are much improgved on a few years back it is still  interesting trying to get what you need even when you know exactly.

I would recommend using a relocation service, especially if you have no Slovak language skills. Worst case you may find that you arrive and are not allowed to work because of a formality.

Be prepared the the info you get from the embassy may not be the same as what you are told here.

Good luck