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Hello there Sir,

We will be comng in Cambodia soon,together with my two grown up girls of mine, they both love music, they can teach piano lesson and voice lesson. I would like to continue my ESL teaching career in Cambodia, and I would ;like also to try to have a part time job, if you have any available that fit for my qualification. Looking forward for your respond. Thank you so much.

Ms. Pinky

Hi Ms.Pinky, I am returning to Phnom Penh 27/11/2013. Do you teach guitar?

Best wishes, Steve

Hello Sir, (StevenL)

No I can't , so sorry. I can teach English, I can work in the office, in the computer. I can sing but don't know how to play guitar.

Regards and thanks

Hi Pinky,

Welcome to :)

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I also suggest you to browse through the list of jobs in Cambodia and post and an advert in the section which suits you the best.

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

Well you do sound pretty talented, but shame you don't teach guitar as I'm learning it, Steve

Hi Ms. Pinky

Unfortunately the Phnom Penh Community College are not hiring staff for our workshops. They work on a profit sharing basis and are initially for only 1 day at a time.

If you are looking for an office job you could try and contact The capacity specialists to see if they have any office jobs going. I know they have just lost 1 person.


Hi,I need a privat english teacher for my son,he is 16 years old,two times in a week,every time -two hours.We are living behind Paragon market,we are spanish.How much will cost an hour?thanks,Julia,our email,,jimmy002002[at]

Thank you so much , Ma'am .

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