hello Renerose Cernal Cabanillas fr Philippines,im nt really culture shock when i came here coz  i felt that im just in the Philippines and also bcoz i been already to other places b4 like Riyadh,KSA &Lebanon,felt like home here in Cambodia..people ar friendly,,

Hi  Renerose Cernal Cabanilla,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Please please introduce yourself and if whether we can be helpful. ;)

Thank you,


hello,hi david and 2 everybody,,im Renerose Cernal Cabanillas ,,im fr Philippines,im teaching English here in Cambodia,,im looking for a part time job as an additional income,,il be very very happy and thankful f u can help me find 1..i can do some tutorial jobs.

Hi Renerose,

Can give us more details about the part time job you are looking for? This might help us to guide you in the right way.

Thank you,


hi David..i can do a tutorial job like teaching English at home or in school.

Hi Renerose Cernal Cabanilla,

I suggest you post your resume in the Teaching jobs in Cambodia section please as it might help :)

Best of luck

Thank you


Hello Renerose,

Your post caught my eye.  My  name is Matt, and I'll be moving to PP, Cambodia from the United States on March 17th. 
I recently finished a TEFL program here, and will be looking for English teaching jobs when I arrive. 

It sounds like you are happy in Cambodia, and find the people friendly.  That is great.  If you have any tips on finding a good teaching job there, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Is Cambodia very different from the Philippines? 



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