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Hello everyone. I'd like to ask if anyone knows if in Belgium is possible (legal)to do an internship in a company without being enrolled in the university, and of course being a foreigner (from Schengen area). I ask because in France is entirely illegal to have an internship if you are not registered at the university. I'm Spanish, bachelor and master in economics. I speak English and French. But I have no work experience related to my studies so I think the only way to get a job is by doing an internship first. If it is possible, do they use to pay something? Does someone has some tips to look for internships? If not, which are my possibilities to find a first job with 25 years old and no previous experience?

The problem is that in Belgium internships are linked to studies or training (formation professionnelle). Not like in Spain where since the crisis all companies are giving this type of contract to any worker to pay them less and end the contract whenever they want. You'd better search for temporary jobs then. If you are registered as a job seeker (VDAB, Actiris, LeForem) you can take part to a "formation professionnelle", choose one that gives you the possibility to do an internship in a company. Dorifor is a website where you cand find all the possible trainings.

Thanks, this is useful information. I don't know yet if I will move to Belgium but is one of the countries I am considering now that my attempts to find a job in France failed.

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