Anyone in Besalu, near Girona?

Hi, we are moving to Besalu soon. We are looking for some land to create a horticultural nursery/smallholding and public garden. Would love to hear from anyone in the Besalu area! Also interested in connecting with people further afield, who enjoy the arts, writing, walking and wildlife. I'm 48 and used to be a university tutor, looking forward to an outdoor life :o) Wendy.

Hello Wendy.

Welcome to :)

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Karen :)

Hello Wendy,

I was just browsing the Forum and came across your post. I run a social group - Girona Grapevine - and you're welcome to join us. We have a wide range of nationalities including Catalans and many members run their own businesses or teach English for a living. We meet for coffee on Wednesdays in Girona - more info on the website. doesn't permit us to publish the name here but you will find it easily in Google.

Good luck with your project!

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