Places to visit in La Paz


For the ones living in La Paz, what would you suggest to discover the region?

When you have friends or family visiting you, where do you go with them? What are the must-see places in La Paz, the tourist sites?

How to visit the region in an original way? Any unusual or unknown place to recommend?

What would you suggest for a couple of days of for a week of holidays in La Paz?

Thank you in advance for participating ;)


Hi Julie,
So far, I have managed to visit Chulumani, Irupavi, Chiqaloma and Coroico.
These are all in the Yungas region, which is much warmer and would be a nice getaway from the cold city, but at some point, you will have to pass through or near the World's Most Dangerous road.
It has beautiful scenery with countless waterfalls,and many tourist go biking along the road. The Yungas provide a good opportunity for adrenaline lovers and hikers.

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