Buying a car in Bolivia

Hi everyone!

I'm new to Bolivia, but it's clear that it's a gorgeous country!

I am trying to buy a used car here in La Paz, which I know carries various risks (stolen cars, etc.). I've done a lot of research into buying a car here, so I understand it can be expensive and complicated.

What I don't have is good Spanish! I am learning, but unfortunately I'm not that advanced yet! I was hoping for any advice, contacts or assistance with the Spanish side of things (just choosing the actual car!) so that I don't get ripped off. If anybody has any tips, or knows anyone who would be willing to help me (maybe in exchange for a 6-pack of beers??), it would be very much appreciated.

Once I have a car, I will be looking to travel around Bolivia, improve my Spanish, and then either hang around to work or move north to Ecuador to volunteer with refugees in Quito.


Not really worth it I'm afraid.  There is a huge risk of getting ripped off even with fluent Spanish.  Then there is a mountain of paperwork to do.  Then taking the car out of the country is a headache as well.

Hello Gringo in Bolivia,

Thanks for your information.

However, kindly note that the previous message is already more than a year old...

Olivier Team