Lagos salary for mid-senior level

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My cousin is considering two jobs in Lagos. Onein banking industry and the other in the teleco industry. We don't know what kind of salary to ask for. She has 12 yrs  UK working experience in commercial finance background and 3yrs MEA experience. She has  degree with professional qualification  ACCA/CIMA.

What salary could she expect? Is 20m Naira basic annum salary plus accommodation, 3 flights home, ok?

What allowance should be asked for etc

Thanks for all help

Hi Nims,

As long as it is net salary, i think its ok. She should also get free accomodation, car with driver and children education allowance along with this.



Thanks @Ajay, she is single so children education is not required. Should she ask for more money? What other  benefits can she get? She British so I don't know if you get more

Full maintained Car + driver + fuel ; Accomodation - full costs on company behalf- water , power , generator ; good medical insurance ;SOS card for repatriation and international support in case of emergency, war etc.

she should ask for $10,000 plus per month and $10,000 is #1.6m in Nigeria....she can save $6,000 plus every month and $6,000 is #960,000 in Nigeria money but she should also ask them for car allowance and house can send me mail on thekingaruku at yahoo dot com for more info.....Cheers!

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