building a team for Tackle football (American Footbal) in Riyadh

Hi Guys,

Anybody there interested in playing american football, as of now i have other friends playing with me and we need to expand the number of players, so if any body there who is interested on playing the game, just reply in this thread with your name and contact number so we could keep you guys posted where we could play and start to play as well..


i am in

Guys just send me your contact details... then we will keep you posted ... good that we are moving so far... hehehe

I'm in.. this is like the NFL right?..

Yeah.  tackle football. 

well, im sure it will be more like two hand touch.  ID hate to put someone in the hospital

yeah dude..or flag football..but it will be great if we can bring some equipment here...

Im in, once I actually get on the ground in Riyadh!

I'd love to participate once I move there. 

Until last year, I played American football in Korean league.

Is this going to be a flag football or should I bring my shoulder pads and helmets with me?

For now we need to gather up the team first and hopefully we all use our pads and helmets if all of us are good already.

I am in and can bring a few others [email protected]

Its good to hear that you want to play and you ahve other guys who wants to play as well, just send me a private message with your name and contact number so we can set when and where to play

do we need to buy gears?..helmets and pads?...heard there's a team in's good if we can build a team here and play them..

Its good to hear that the number of guys who wants to play getting bigger already why dont we all start playing and meet up.

Can I join you guys? I don't play football but willing to learn since I play hockey & I brought my hockey gears with me here.. Many thanks!

i am in

Hey man i would like to play american football with you i am in if you dont mind.

Sure dude just send me your contact number and we will update you when we start playing

Listen, i'm in, where and when we can play?
my ph # is   0559809270

Count me IN. Mobile 580819446.

Consider me as a rookie as I played it long back in school days.


Meeeeee :)
where can we play ?

Are you guys still playing American football? If so I am very interested!

Yes I am totally in, use to play as a D-Linemen, with some experince on the O- line

Wow how on earth you newbies,dig up all the cool old posts.Man am jealous of you guys. :mad:

So where does everyone play at if you guys do play?

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