Old Footage of Cambodia from the 1920′s and 1930′s

Cool to see Cambodia on film nearly 100 years ago. In a lot of areas, not much has changed!



Link still under review? Wow.
Could you send it to me in PM ?

OH! it's working now! It's there.
There's 3 video's from 20's and 30's. Also early sketches of Angkor Wat from the 1800's.

Very cool,

fascinating to see Cambodia so far back in time.

Do you have any others?

are there any photos like this?

Ya, there's some on that same page. Just look for the link saying "Old Photos"

Seeing all this really makes me see how Cambodia was certainly a lot more bustling than I ever imagined that many years ago.

As a big history buff, this is great! more?

this is great, thank you for sharing!

Also, here are some old photos of Siem Reap from as early as 1903
http://ancientadventurescambodia.com/20 … gical-park

here is a nice film about the Royal Ballet of Cambodia from 1965

Very cool! thanks!

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