Dating Khmer men

I'm an American woman who recently moved from China to Cambodia. I wonder, do some Khmer men like western women? If so, what is the best way to approach them, and are there any aspects of their culture I should be aware of before heading into a relationship? I'm 32, so I don't know if age would be a factor like it was in China.

P.S. I also want to make friends with Khmer guys and am open to dating other ethnicities. I just talked about dating local men because, if the expat community here is anything like it is in China, most foreign guys only date local women. So yes, tips for dating within Khmer culture would be appreciated.

Good topic it’s always about us men dating I will be looking forward to responses you get , I do know many khmer men like  western women that I know

Hello KariKling.

Difficult to answer. It also depends what you're looking for.

In general one could say that Khmer men are dominant and demanding, women are lower on the social ladder. That might cause some friction with a Western woman who is probably more on the equal rights track.

Age is not a problem for most, unless you're looking for a younger guy, they like to have younger girls than they are themselves.

I would say just try it, the more hiso Khmer men you could meet e.g. at Naga World in PP, a collection of casino, KTV, clubs and restaurants.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Is there anywhere, other than bars or clubs, that is good for meeting people? I can't even hear people talk at most places like that.

Of course there are quieter places like museums, coffee shops, cultural events.

And there are the dating sites, no my favourites but they are there.

Good luck.



As an Aussie woman in her 50's , my bf is in his 40's and I've been dating him for over a year now.

I met him just standing outside a store minding his own business and then saw him another day

and went for a ride around the city. He's extremely sweet and a real gentleman. Very paranoid about

my belongings but never stolen anything from me. I have been to his province and met his family.

They all have two lives, one in the city and one in the country. Because I have money then I do not

get argued with about my decisions! haha Sometimes I am annoyed he doesn't speak his own mind

but he will if it comes to subtle cultural triggers. EG Once the landlady came up to inspect a broken lock

and he was adamant about my leaving the room while he dealt with her. The only thing that is

frustrating  is he definitely believes if I have money why should he even go to work and why shouldn't I

foot ALL the bills plus his Mum's monthly allowance. Of course I cannot argue with this on his ridiculous

wage and besides he cleans all the clothes, does all the housework and drives me everywhere! And I

learn Khmer :) He is not romantic in public and behind closed doors he is quite prefunct but he is

terribly romantic in some of the most unexpected ways which makes up for the rest!

Good Luck!

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