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Hello Sherry and all who moved from abroad to islamabad. A lil about myself is that I moved to canada from KHI about 12 years ago and am now planning to return and live in Islamabad with my wife and 6 year old for a few years or more. I will need to start from scratch. Looking for some investment ideas? What's a reasonable amt of money needed a month to live gracefully, given I get my own house?

If I can get some comments from someone who is now settled from abroad, I would appreciate alot. My background is that of a male nurse in Canada, not sure what the future is like for that field in Islamabad. I've also worked in research in development of new drugs, so pharma is another choice I can lean on. Any advise!

regards, Atif

dear .  i just moved out from pakistan & now in japan. I will advis u to start a business that is already in market. do not make adventure.
if u can run a medical store at some good location, it would be ideal for u ?

Hello Atif.
Welcome to Expat.com. Well It is nice to have a question from a person Who his self also a Nurse like me :). Brother, first you need to decide, if you will go for rent an apartment or will go for buy a house or a small apartment.
Living in Islamabad is very much safe. but, things will normally effect in to your life style.
Its civilized, safe and peace full environment in Islamabad. Where you can get access to International Hospital, School Systems, Universities, International Chain Restaurants, International Pharmaceutical & more.
Above all depends on your living style off course. Being a Nurse I advice you to come here and start your dream projects which you have in your minds.   
Sherry I.J

Hello Atif.

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No donot go for medical store or pharmacy if you have no experience .based on my own experience it's a tricky n risky business.needs a lot of investment and attention...


Hi knzain,

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Hi there,

i found some investment for property forum and sites hope it will help you somehow:


What are you investing for? Retirement?

Hi Atif

Have you considered investing with Meezan Bank. They have a product called "certificate of Islamic investment" that can yield up to 9% annually if you invest with them for long term, i.e., 5 - 7 years. They distribute profits on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

I did some analysis. If you invest about PKR 15 million in this product, you can get up to PKR 120K - 140K (depending upon their profit sharing ratios that varies) every month.

This investment has minimal risk as compared to others such as real estate etc.

Send me private message if you are interested in discussing other ideas.

Dear Members.

I want to move to NZ ,  I have IT Background with 10 years experience. Please suggest me is it good country for Pakistani's to move and which city is best in NZ.


Hi drnosheen, In Islamabad for a medical store the most important thing is location, like Dewaston and shaheen chemists. and prime locations are difficult to find and also so expensive.

Hi Atif,
          I saw all replies on your post, What I suggest you is to visit Islamabad, stay here for some days. See what kind of business are earning more money then others, You will automatically have a decision for new business. Some guys are saying about investing in real estate, Brother for real estate investment you will need huge amount of money, invest that money and wait for years to sell that property.
So I suggest you to visit ISB, see what trends are here, what people buy more. Then you can decide, Here living is not easy, you will need pockets full of money to live a stranded life style living.

There are many many more opportunities to invest.
It depends how much you want.
I can share ideas with you.

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I am not intended to provide you any business idea which can be risky for you but i am going to quote you a opportunity and that will be a favor to your own country.

You can start IT business or select any IT project in Canada or where you are living. Just spend some time on this idea to strengthen before coming to Pakistan. There are several IT consultants who can help you out to do so.

After coming Pakistan you can run that business from here (from Pakistan). I know a dozen of persons who are operating their businesses from pakistan.

In the start, i said it would be a favor to you country as you bring dollars that will not only for you but upon spending you are adding in society. Its a my idea...! if need some help i am available free of cost for consultancy or assistance....!


Ijazuddin Jafri

very strange kind of  topic,,, He (Atif ) show money,, 19 proposals of different kind came,,but Atif himself is very quiet after showing the money, not a single reply,This is how money works  :huh: ,, strange,, please dont mind friends,,, :D


Salaam Atif Bhai,

I am a UK born Pakistani with Dual nationality. I lived in Pakistan for 3 years from 1999 to 2002. I am planning to return to Pakistan in 2019/2020 and eventually setup an import/export business there.

My advice is not to invest any money in Pakistan for the 1st 6 months. You need 6 months to see if you really want to live there.

Initially, you should rent or live in your ancestral home (but try to avoid living with relatives). Don't buy a house until you are sure which area in Pakistan suits you. I have rented in Bahria Town on previous visits and found it to be clean and safe but it is a little expensive.

While you are living in Pakistan, you will find your relatives, friends and complete strangers approaching you with investment ideas or for loans/financial help. Do not invest or give any large sums of money in the 1st 6 months. You need at least 6 months to work out who is sincere/trustworthy and competent.

It is best if you have an independent income stream such as rental income from a property in Europe or America. It is better to earn £/$ whilst living in Pakistan. I would advise you to setup a business in Europe/America with someone you trust.

My plan is to rent out my UK house to cover my essential living costs in Pakistan. I also have a business in London which my business partner will be running on a day to day basis. I will be looking after all roles that can be performed remotely over the internet such as admin, accounts and marketing.

I would also recommend that you have enough savings to cover 1 years living expenses before you move to Pakistan.


Kamraan Rashid

There are many many more opportunities to invest.
It depends how much you want.
I can share ideas with you.

if u got $$$ start property company buy & sell land if you dont have $$$ then setup some shop

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