Taking you personal money out of Bangladesh

I will be going home in few months  time and still have not sure if I can take  my  money back to my country. I  never registered it in the immigration as its below 5000 USD..
I want to know from fellow expats that had been travelling in and out of Bangladesh what is the legal amount you can bring out of this country?
Supposing you had an extra amount that is not allowed how will you send it back home as the banks  here does not allow it..
I am in quandary as I  have  nobody to ask for this information.
I am looking for guidance from experienced  folks regarding this matter.
Thank You!

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yes, i think you can take your money with you if your taxes on salary is paid. If not paid, then you have to do it in other way.

Dear Saifulfaker
Thanks for  your reply.....
May I ask if you could  please elaborate.. If the concerned money is not taxable as I brought it here a few months ago...What remains is the  unspent amount..
Now what is the customary system here for departing international passengers out of Bangladesh International airport..Do they really check the passengers personal possession including foreign currencies they just brought to this country?

How strict are the airport  immigration officers in their frisking of foreigners as I know in India its lax...

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