Rooms available in Damascus

:)Dear expatriates

I went to Syria twice to study Arabic at the University of language. My embassy gave me the contact details of an arabic family which let rooms for students. I really enjoyed my time there, they treated me very good therefore I would like to recommend them.

The house is big and very good located. They offer long/short accommodation.

If you are interested,send me a private message and I will send you the contact details.

I hope you enjoy your time in Damascus!!:)

I am interested. Please email

From that I will give all details etc.

I only signed up to this to respond to you so I have no details on this. Thank you for your time

Hi Londonera, I would appreciate receiving information about the housing. I will be studying arabic at the university of damascus for a few months starting in the spring. Thanks,


i am also interested if i can have more details about it please

i am also interested, please send me the contacts.   Thanks a lot

I plan to travel to Syria in October, 2010 and am very insterested in housing information.  Thanks a lot!

Hi!! You should try the Syria classifieds > accommodation section.

Good luck!