how do women travel around in Jeddah

Hi All,

We are about to move to Jeddah and due to various reasons(including financeS), we might not stay in compound.
I always imagined ,(despite what I read online), than since Jeddah is supposed to be relaxed and modern city, Women will atleast be able to taxis and travel around to malls, shopping complexes, doctors, schools etc.

for some living ina good apartment building (not comppound) in a good area, can my wife call some number and get a Taxi to various locations on a flexible basis? or can she get one on the road ?
is it safe for her to travel around in daytime alone? for neccessities....
The thing is that I might have to trvael abroad sometimes and I want to make sure she is able to travel on her own..we have a 3 year old daughter too...

we cant afford a full time driver. i have heard people fix up with some drivers who have cars and can come up at variosu times and driver them around...any ideas on how much sch arrangement is going to cost ...for lets say 3-4 times a week arrangement..i know it depends bt any rough estimates? is it common?

Would really your help here. Thanks!

Hi Ishaq,

Yes it is normal in Jeddah and it is safe too, you will see that at least 70% of the taxi's customers are women.

about calling someone I  guess it depends on how many times you need him, if its like what you said 3-4 times a week then I believe you should take a taxi's number and call him every time you need him.

I hope that I answered your questions.

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