buying villa in alicante

[b]I am a single lady looking to buy villa in spain. i am consiering alicante due to proximity to airport . and beach. i would not have car in spain.. would anyone recommend alicante to live? I really need to be near amenties for i am single and would want to meet new friends etc..
does anyone know alicante city well? I am in my early fifties.. Julia

Hi Julianne,

Alicante is quite a busy city, most people live in flats or apartments. There are some villas but you will have to pay quite a high price to be in or very near to the city.

If you want a villa with a nice garden, pool etc prices are much lower just out side of Alicante.

Cheers Tony

which areas would you recommend outside of Alicante? to be near to airport to avoid long journeys when travelling to and from Uk? Julianne

Hi Julianne,

If you want a villa there are 2 main options

1, small plot on an urbanisation

2, large plot semi rural or rural

I guess because you dont want to drive a villa on an urbanisation
may be better for you, as you could possibly walk to bars and shops etc.

There are many urbanisations to choose from one that is quite near to the airport is Gran Alicant which has a large expat community

Really the beat thing would be to come over and have a look about

Cheers Tony

thank you so much for reply most helpful. i would like to know more about the ex pat community in gran aliante? which part of alicante is this? is if far from coast? beach?
i intend to come to alicante .. but wanted some information prior to coming from people who know !! Julianne

Hi Julianne,

Gran Alacant is a short drive from the airport ( I guess about 15 minuets)

I dont know too much about it as I dont live there but I have been there a few times , it is a very large urbanisation with many ex pats and many rental property's

May be it would be best if you rented there to see if you like it !

I guess the beach is quite near but because the urbanisation is so large it will depend on where you stay !

Best Regards Tony

hi thanks for reply. i have stayed in el campello in villa.. yet although a lovely location.. the villa was too far from the sea and shops.. always had to use car.. so am seeking to find something that is more central nearer to other english people.. i am single and do not wish to feel isolated.. Julia

hi alicante is a lovely city but mostly flats in the center. also  some districts are better than others. are lots of villas botn south and north of alicante, a good time to buy but do some homework before you commit

Hi We love campello and often go there in the summer

But it is quite Spanish not many expats

My mother in law has a place in La Marina that is another large urbanisation , there are plenty of English there too even an Iceland supermarket !

That is about 25 min from the airport


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