Life Partner Permit renewal

I need to renew my life partner permit which expires in Feb 2013.

I called HA and they are as useless as ever with their information.

What do I need to submit along with the BI-1739 form? I am really hoping it is not all of the same information as I submitted for the 1st permit.

I am now married since obtaining my permit 2 years ago.

Please help! I do not want to queue up for hours at that hell without the right documents.

Thank you

Hi katec1602!

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Maybe this article can help: … rmits.html

Good luck

Thanks, but this doesn't really help me with knowing what is required to renew my visa.

Hi! Since you got married you can apply for a spousal or a relative's permit. The documents you need to bring to HA are:
1) your marriage certificate;
2) medical and X-ray certificates;
3) police clearance reports from both your native country and from SA as well (since you lived here more than 12 months);
4) your husband's bank statements for the last 3 months;
5) a letter of support from him;
6) his ID and your passport copy.
I think you should bring certified copies of all the certificates (marriage, medical, police) since you dont want to submit originals.
I hope I didnt forget anything!

I will be having to do the exact same thing in 2014. Have Life Partner Permit now and will need to renew/change to Spousal later. I went through an agency in Cape Town even though I live in Durban. They were extremely helpful in answering all my questions even before I decided to use their services.
Try e-mailing Francois Brand at I bet he'll tell you exactly what you need to do. Hope this helps. Please post any information you do get. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. I am currently in the process of getting all the documentation together so will let you know what success I have.

I do know that it if you want to work and require a business endorsement on the spousal permit, then you need a tax reference from SARS. I've been told that there are quite serious consequences if you are found to be working on a spousal/life partner permit.

I have the Life Partner Permit with work permit....permission to start my own business. I'm teaching baby massage classes, antenatal classes and tutoring primary school children. It's written right on my Life Parter Permit that I reside with Life Partner and have own business. (That's considered the work permit). Otherwise I would require business endorsement to work for someone else. Got a tax ID number from SARS as soon as my permit came in. It was very easy to do.

Again, the agency is very helpful in answering all questions even if you don't hire them for the process. All the best.

Thanks Miss Q478. Did you use the agency to get the permit for you? Or did you submit the documents yourself?

My experience of the Pretoria Home Affairs is pretty horrendous -the queues and the time it takes to get the permit.

The bad news is that when you come to renew your permit, you need to re-submit all of the documents as their computer systems do not link to the old application.

Oh gosh. Sounds horrific!!! Yes, I wound up using the agency to submit my paperwork and I'm so glad I did. I have a friend who did it herself 4 months before me and she still hasn't received her permit! That's almost a year and half of waiting. Mine took just under 6 months.

The agency goes to CT home affairs every couple of weeks to check on it and brings your passport there for any stamps or permits it needs. ( I had to courier it to them when it was needed). Was a lot of money, but so worth it. Cape Town on a whole, seems to be more efficient. I would at least ask Francois from the agency for any advice and go from there.

I can't believe you have to re-submit everything! That's ridiculous. This is Africa, I guess!