Extending stay in Lesotho

Hi sorry for the lack of introduction however my time is running out at the internet cafe.

I'm in need of some help. I'm in Lesotho with my partner, we'll be heading to Semonkong in the next few days to teach a group of local women how to knit the wool they have been spinning for the past few years.

The problem is when we book our flights from the UK we were told that we would be able to stay for 90 days. Of course now that we are here we have noticed that the stamps in our passports only say 30 days.

Is there any way we could extend our stay? If so, who would we need to speak with. Alternatively will we need to leave Lesotho for a few days and then return for a further 30 days?

I have searched online for the answers but have had no success so your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum andiking!

I hope other members will be able to help you out soon.


Thanks for the welcome Armand.

I thought I'd update this thread in case anyone in the future runs into the same problem.

Our 30 days runs out tomorrow so today we went to Ladybrand in South Africa (very close to Maseru) to do a bit of shopping and visit a cafe that someone recommended to us. The cafe was called Living Life and was definitely worth the visit.

On the way back through to Lesotho we were worried we'd only get 14 days as we met a french person in Lesotho who was only given that. Thankfully we were given 30 days however only after we were given a bit of a strict talking to about how we were cheating by going to Ladybrand for the day in order to get more days in Lesotho. Apparently we should have gone to the immigration office in Maseru to get an extension.

Hope this is of help to people in the future.

Hi there

Im from South Africa what i use to do is cross over in Maseru and spend a night in Ladybrand (small town on SA side and return the next day for new 30 day stamp.

However recently i met this lady that works for immigrations in Lesotho that gave me a 6 month stamp for a small fee(R200)

You can reply if you want her no.

Cheers for the advice ijoemath. We went to immigration the second time round and it was immensely easy. We queued for 5 mins then someone appeared, took our passports, went away for a few minutes and then came back with the stamped passports. We also didn't have to pay anything but then I guess it was because it was only an extra 30 days.