Living in the Lesotho

You are living in the Lesotho, or you used to live in the Lesotho.

Share your experience!

How would you describe life in the Lesotho?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find an accommodation and a job?

Is it complicated to make friends in the Lesotho?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in the Lesotho?

Thanks in advance for your participation

I am a Citizen of Lesotho who has been in this country for as long as I can remeber: my entire life time. I have got a lot of information about my home country, but the questions will guide me for anyone who is interested in being here. Go ahead and I let you understand how easy and cheap it is to take your vacation in the Mountain Kingdom.

I am still waiting for a response, to see the necessity of the information compilation

Maybe you could post info such as:

how to find a job,
how to find an accommodation,
where to live,
the health system in Lesotho,
how to make friends,
where to come on holidays?

Hi Masi and Al,
I am considering a job in Maseru and before I make a final decision I'd really like to have any information you think can help. We have spent the past ten years in South East Asia and I am sorry to admit complete ignorance of Africa in general and Lesotho in particular...
Any tips on housing (rental prices,availability, house vs. apartment, etc) would be gladly received. We have two small girls age 2.5 & 4 so an indication of everyday safety would also be useful. Official websites from foreign Gov tend to be rather alarmist so I'd prefer to hear directly from people living in Lesotho.
Anything else you think we should know...
Many thanks

I don't think that people in Lesotho are "evil"

i don't have a place to stay in lesotho... but I like the country!

We're staying in Ladybrand, SA, at the moment across the border from Maseru.  As of Saturday, 6/6/ the border crossing into Lesotho is taking 3-4 hours at certain times of the day.  On Saturday, the government suddenly changed its policy for everyone crossing and cancelled its 6-month visa for those who cross for work and school daily.  This has created an unbelieveable quagmire at the crossing.  Be prepared for a long wait in line!  Hopefully, this will pass with the end of the World Cup, but there was no explanation for the policy change, so who knows?  Leave plenty of time for crossing into Lesotho right now.