How can get a Lesotho Tourist visa from Nigeria


I am Muyiwa Peter

I am  a Nationality of  Nigeria and I am presently here in Nigeria, I will like anyone who have any idea about how a Nigeria citizen leaving in Nigeria, can get a Lesotho Tourist visa from Nigeria.

Also will like to know, the processin time and the visa fee

Thanks in advance

Hi muyeeade,

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I have created a new thread as from your post on the Lesotho forum for better visibility.

you could contact the Lesotho embassy in your country.

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They don't have their embassy here in Nigeria

I wanted to visit too but they don't have embassy here in nigeria

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This thread is old. :)
Do not hesitate to start a new thread on the Lesotho forum.

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Am in Nigeria presently,
how can i acquire Lesotho visa,
to travel to Lesotho?