Interesting to realize how much help there is out there

I Accidentally happened to get into this site. but i dont regret it. I am in Maseru Lesotho; my homeplace, Australia has caught my attention for a place of my destinations within a measurable time. How are the job prospects that side? alternatively, the opportunities for funded studies (Prefferably: Masters in the Economic Line, to patch up on my basic BA in Economics with a minor in Statistics)

Anyone on Board for assistance!

Welcome Masi !
I'm glad you appreciate it here :-)

Hi Jo-Anne

Thanks and have a lovely day ;)

Welcome on board Masi!

Thanks Julien and (Jo-Ann Hi today to you too)

Guys, I almost don't know what else to say. But I am glad to be part of this forum. I will shortly go through the inserts. Can I Just tell you that I am enjoying the cool morning lazy breeze out here. Any way since the sun is out of sight again today, I am at ease.

I will get back to the web again and see if we are still hooked. 

Enjoy your day

Hi all!
I understand I am not new any more, So what's next? Am I free to join  other blogs now?