I am looking for free volunteer job opportunity

Hello my name is Juan from Philippines; I hope could find someone who knows an organization that could help me to do a volunteer job there in Cambodia.

Teaching has been one of my goals from the past two (2) years. It is a self realization that everyone must share the blessing he has in him at any extent, and I believe that you don't need to belong from a high class society to for you to be able to make it.

Personally, I thought I could help the children to develop their discipline, flexibility and teamwork through SPORTS and MUSIC, and might TEACH ENGLISH as well when the need arises.
I could also participate in constructions of class room, like carpenter or a helper to Mason, or any simple things you think I could help.
I do play BASKETBALL, and know, I should say the intermediate rules of the game itself.
I can also adapt to what games the children prefer.
I can PLAY GUITAR and SING as well, and it is my pleasure if you will give me a teaching – English assignment.

I am still here in the Philippines, and willing to fly there immediately, as per your notification.

I am Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Hi Juan

I am Rose from the republic island of Mauritius. I have been volunteering in Kenya not in Cambodia but I would like people to go to Kenya and volunteer there in orphanages running their own schools.

Hi How are you, are you in kenya now?
yeah Im Ok with it Rose, however, my problem is the plane ticket and expenses will definitely go higher, unlike in Cambodia, i can pay for my trip lesser.
this is indeed my great concern, as i also belong from the masses, but nonetheless Id love to do this.

Id love to hear any referral from you, to my neighboring countries, and your own personal recommendation.

thanks Marie. I appreciate.
take care

I have a few friends who volunteer at a school in Kandal province (maybe one hour from the city), you could check that out. Head ability school. They have a Facebook page.

Hi Shamwa,

thanks for ur info, hopefull i can see them on fb, may i know their account? if possible thanks.

take care


hi samwa,

right after i saw ur message about ur friends' school, ive visited the site, and il send a message, however i dont know ur full name, if u dont mind may i know ur name, as ill send a message again for follow that i got their website thru, and i dont have own fb account, im using my brother's account to be able to communicate with and hopefully join their team.

thank you!

Hi Samwa,

do u also have fb account? i just made one today, sound funny right? guess i need this...

take care

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