Studying Slovak Language

Hi, I am looking to study Slovak Language in Bratislava next year for about a month or two, I wonder if anyone knows something for someone with beginner-intermediate level, perhaps with a university or something similar. Rozumiem len trochu po Slovensky. Dakujem!

Hi retrey86!

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Hi retrey86,

I had a private teacher who had a degree to teach Slovak. If you're interested, please send me a personal message.


Thanks! I'm looking for something like at least a summer program where I can do it at an educational institute though.

Hello retrey86,

I just registered to Slovak lessons in a language school in Bratislava. You can enroll classes for one semester. Maybe you could find what you're looking for there. I send you the name of the institute in a private message.
feel free to contact me.


  My name is Cornelia, and I interested to make slovak courses by institute in Bratislava, if I can have contact and more details.

Thank you so much.

I can teach you Slovak language for free. This way will be good for you and me.
If you are interested in this offer do not hesitate to send me a private message
Have a nice day.
Best Regards
Ing. Milan Papp

@psmaret, this thread is 4 years old  :whistle:

Hello everybody,
Can somebody teach me Slovak language?
we can have a deal for exchanging language or pay .
I married to slovakian guy and live in zilina about two and half year.


Hi Tanhabad,

An advert in the Language exchange in Slovakia section of the website could get you some offers. Consider publishing one.


Dear Ing. Milan
kindly asking if your offer is still valid,
i hope so,
please let me know
thank you


I live in zilina I attend school at Jazyková škola they teach english I dont know how much it costs as my company I work for pays, I would suggest going there their website is
Hope this helps

Thank you so much for your answer ,

HUW1981 thanks for your answer, but timing of Zilina language school never was right for me , i can not leave work at 9am or 9:30 am...


I can speak with you In Slovak language. Contact me by email  ***
Thank Milan

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