Cost of living in Paris ( Please help)

Hi everyone, I'm considering living in Paris possibly for 6 months. I'm putting this in the France forum and not in the Paris forum. I'm hoping there might be some posters who live in Paris, and those who have lived there previously, that will respond to this post. I would like to know what the cost of living in Paris is, so that I can get my finances together.  I would like to know what my monthly expenses in Euros would be for the following:

Accommodation prices (how much does it cost to rent a room or apartment)

Public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ... for a weekly or monthly pass)

Food prices (per month, how much does it cost)

Health prices (for those who need medical insurance.  Would I need insurance on top of my travel insurance?)

Energy prices (oil, electricity.  Is it likely I can find a rental that includes utilities as well as phone and internet?)

Common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone.  I will have an international cell phone, price of phone cards?)

Monthly entertainment (restaurant, events, going out, museums)
Prices of a beer or a coffee in a regular pub

Any other costs that I might not have covered would be great!

Thanks so much


I'm Portuguese but I have been living in Paris for a couple of months now. For me it's been a bit hard to adapt to the cost os living in France. In Portugal things are less expensive but we also earn less money in general...

The cost of accommodation was a great chock for me at the beginning, especially because there are so many people trying to rent an apartment here in Paris that basically owners can set whatever price they want and sometimes the quality of the apartments doesn't correspond to the pice. I would say that for a nice apartment with one room you have to expect at least 1000 euros... And the process of renting can sometimes be very difficult.

For me the best is to use an agency. I used this one: Also they have TV, internet and phone in all of their apartments. I think that the price of this amenities is included in the rent of all of their apartments.

For the monthly pass expect to spend at least 52 euros, but you will have access to zone 1 and 2 and to the metro, bus, tramway and RER. The public transportation works really well here in Paris, it is worth the money.

In the supermarket I spend more or less 60 euros every week. But I guess that if you can manage to do your shopping for the whole month it would be less expensive. What I feel is that some goods like fruit are a bit expensive but if you try to use the open markets you can get good deals.

I haven't bought a cell phone yet but I know that it is possible to buy one for 1 euro and after that you pay a plan that I think it's not very expensive...

Regarding the entertainment. From my experience one meal in a regular restaurant would cost more or less 20 euros per person. As for the museums, normally they have the annual passes that really inexpensive. I bought one for the Louvre and it cost me 15 euros. I know that Orsay also have a annual pass but I haven't bought it still...
One bear can cost up to 4/5 euros at night and an expresso coffee can cost up to 2 euros. It's considerably more than I was used to but the bars are really nice and you will surely find a lot of nice places here in Paris.

Clothes and shoes... I feel that the prices are a bit high but they are all very beautiful :)

My general feeling is that the cost of living is a bit high. But this is very relative, it depends on how much you are used to in your home country. There's is one thing I know for sure you will have lots of fun here in Paris. I instantly felt at home and I believe that you will feel the same!

Welcome to Paris!!

Thanks for replying. 

Isabel123, how are you paying for your expenses?  I'm doing some research and trying to find out the best way to pay for my stay. I'm looking into internships, as well as possibly teaching.  I'm trying to come up with the best strategy.  I'm trying to be as prepared as possible!

Sourire, is it difficult to find a place in on the Left Bank?  do you think I would be able to find a place for 600 Euros?  I'm definitely looking into sharing accommodations.

Thanks for all the help!

Hi sugar150,

i'm french and i live in Paris (and looking for american, or canadian people to speak english, share nice moments, and learn more about american people...and canadian in fact! i'm thinking in moving abroad somedays, but not quite now).

In Paris, to be fine, you need to have at least 1 500/2 000 euros to live on per month.
Accomodation is expensive, but the rest is OK. You can find a studio for 600 if you look close enough.

Try there : (direct from owner to renter)

some nice and cheap district : 13th, 19th... my best ; )

Hope that helped a little !
Good luck !

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