Student looking for accomodation

   I will hopefully be coming to Bucharest this October to do a 6 yr dentistry course. Im looking for a 1 bed (+living room) with air con, tv, internet etc. Ideally I would like to spend 200-250 euros a month exc charges but I can stretch up to 300 if need be.

I would like an apartment close to the Carol Davila university but that is not a big issue as the metro sounds affordable and efficient enough. Im a Muslim student so what is more important is an apartment near a mosque (there are mosques in Sos. Colentina Nr. 373, sector 6 and Șoseaua Grozăvești and more but I cant find addresses).

Please can you guys recommend:

- areas, neighbourhoods and districts in bucharest I should be looking at
- whether anyone is offering an apartment in such areas
- any good estate agent websites for renting
- english speaking estate agents that I can go to for finding such an apartment

Hi and welcome to the forum umz_786 !

My suggestion would be to post an advert in the Bucharest housing section.
It might be a good start ;)


Oh right. I looked there but i thought it was only for people offering a place only. Thanks!

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