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Hi there,
Im going to Bucharest for 5 months. I will arrive some days before September and then I will start looking for a room personally. Do you have any advice how to start? newspaper? I was thinking about go to different faculties on the university, maybe there are any offerts from student who are looking for a flat mates.
thanks for any help,
Kinga :)

Hello Kinga!

You should post an advert in the Bucharest forum > accommodation section.

Thank you,

Hi Kingaa,

There are lots of ways to fine a flat in Bucharest.

a) word of mouth - not much use if you don't know anyone and need somewhere to stay the moment you arrive
b) newspapers - there are papers in shops (e.g. stores) and at news stands that have a lot of ads. They are usually have something like 'Anunt' (Classifieds) in the title.
c) websites - there are lots of websites with classifieds, also normally with 'anunt' (just Google the word and you'll get loads of classified sites) in the name. There often advertise rentals and flat shares. Most the ads will be in Romanian though so you'd need help reading them.
d) student websites - there are some student sites where people advertise for flatmates. Some of the universties have their own sites with forums.

What is your budget? You can rent a studio flat for about 150-200 Euro per month quite easily, although you might have to pretend you want it for longer than 5 months ;)

thanks for your answer,
I think ma budget is around 200 euros. but I will prefer to pay less of course :D the best option for me is to live with other student or young people. hope to find something soon :)

KINGA HI! You should check "Moxa" student dormitory is central and great on parties plus the location is central.

Also try to rent somewhere near a tube/metro station is much better then to rely on buses.Of course depends where your uni is.

I was a Sociology student in Bucharest and if you find the right people and circle of friends, life is good.

Good luck with your search.

I have received Acceptance Letter for Carol Davila university of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest. I am in process of getting visa to travel Romania. I would be very obliged if any Indian or any national can assit me to get room, sim card etc..

      My name is shubham sharma and i am from india . i am coming here for my medical study in UMF CAROL DAVILA so i want a cheapst one bedroom apartment for me near carol davila  . at present i am living near jw marriot hotel in apartment with my frndzz but i want this apartment as soon as possible within 2 or 3 days .
          Thank you
Right now i don't have a any contact no. So if you findout a apartment then send a email on my /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\
" bits.sharma18[at] "

Hello Bits.18.

Welcome to! :)

You should post an advert in the Housing in Bucharest section. It could help. :)

Thank you,

You are so harsh sometimes tsk tsk.
Kingaa there are facebook pages: CS & Expats in Bucharest and the BUcharest meetup groups that have the kind of people you could be looking for.
I find them very helpful.

And for the Carol Davila boys... Listen to SSSA :-)

Best solution: find a reliable real estate broker.
Not knowing Romanian it's a major handicap when searching for a home + the price will be higher.

Hi Everybody,
I'm going to Bucharest to study in romanian languages courses(preparatory year in medicine).
Do you have any advice about how to Find a garsonier untill 11th Of Dec? I need a room immediately to give my rental paper&address in bucharest to the embassy for getting visa.
If you know any sudent or young people who are looking for a flat mates please tell me on my Email.
Please help me If you see this post on expat.
thanks for any help,
Please Contact me On : Ehsan_program[at]

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steaua581 :

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Hi Marius
Can you Explain About your service?
Thank you

Ehsan k :
steaua581 :

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Hi Marius
Can you Explain About your service?
Thank you

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@Ehsan k -> The Housing in Bucharest section could help. You should post an advert there. ;)

Thank you,

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