Where to rent in Bucharest? (2010)

Hi All,

I would really appreciate your knowledge and ideas!

I am potentially moving to Bucharest from London in the next few months with my company.

It's a corporate job, so fingers crossed I might be lucky enough to have some housing allowance.

I am looking at areas to rent an apartment but would like to know where to search.

So....if you could you live anywhere in Bucharest where would you live?

I don't have a family, so am not interested in being near schools or anything. Instead I am looking for a nice modern property, in close proximity to good restaurants, bars, shops etc.

So far Herastrau Park area has been suggested to me.

Any advice would be much appreciated,




I'm exactly in the same situation. I'm french and I've been sent by my company to work for a project for 5 months in bucharest.
I'm looking for a shared renting.
Let me know if you're interested.

About the location, I used to live in bucharest 4 years ago, and Romana, Victoria, Floreasca are the best place to live in. Romana is the closest from the downtown.

Hi!! You should have a look at the Bucharest classifieds > accommodation section and place an ad there.

Good luck!

Hey, i`ve lived in Bucharest for the last 3 years, and the best advice i can give u is find an apartment near a subway station. The traffic here is scary:) Plus, i`m getting my driver`s licence in september, so watch out:lol::P
I don t know if we can post links to outside site`s, but the classified here are a rip off. No offence, but a 1 bedroom apartment downtown bucharest at 750 E must mean it has golden tiles that u take home. If u need help, u can send what u need trough e`mail and i ll try and help.
P.S. No, i m not a real estate agent, and I don`t expect anything in return. I know how it s like to be in a foreign country and not know anything about the life there. And Romania`s worse because most people try to rip u off.

Your question can only be answerred if you tell us where you have to be on a daily basis. Most Romanians live in the south of Bucharest in the areas Brancoveanu, Drumul Taberei (no subway!) and Militari but they work in the North in the Baneasa and the Pipera area where main (international) companies are located. The result is a trafic jam every morning from the south to the north and reverse in the afternoon. As everybody wants to go by car it can take 1,5 hour at least. The advice to live near (any) metro station is very valid as the subway is cheap and very efficient, safe and clean. But also very busy.

The Piata Unirii area in the main centre is exactly on the crossing of two main subway lines. Very handy but the apartments are very expensive (700-1000 p/momth) because the apartments are hughe and the area is 'status' and business.

Herestrau is a centre/north area that is ok and close to Pipera (and has a metrostation on Piata Charles de Gaulle) but it is also rather expensive. I would suggest you look in the area called Aviatiei or around Floreasca. Between 250 and 400 you will for sure find a 1 bed apartment. Dont expect real quality. Most apartments are not renovated. Airco is a must! Second best is Dristor or Titan. Not really expat areas and thus more for locals. They are cheaper areas with thousand of average apartments for average prices. Anyway, prices are much lower than one year ago. Nice areas can also be 1 mai/Gara de Nord, Domenii (nice villa's!) and Dorobanti.

Stay close to the airport exits if you have to fly frequently. They are situated also North at the DN1 road. As you can see all is happening in the North part of the city and therefore it is expensive and crowded.

There are two little villages between Bucuresti and the Otopeni (Henry Coanda) airport. There are also villa's and apartments for rent. One of the villages is named Otopeni and the other one is Pipera.

Another tip: The belt around Bucuresti is not functioning. It is constantly blocked by trucks as they are not allowed to go in town. Most of the belt is just a one lane road and in a bad condition. Between the DN1 and the DN2 the situation has been improved lateely but part of the traffic jams in the city are caused by the fact that all north/south and east/west traffic has to pass the heart (Piata Universitata) of the city. Not really a 2010 situation but it is not going to improve soon. Don't count on any fast bypass by the belt.

Search on cauta-imobiliare.ro/bucuresti/inchirieri-apartamente.php

Better not contact them yourself. If you have a Romanian doing it for you, it will safe you money :-)

Normal is 1 month rent and 1 (sometimes) 2 months in advance.
All is negiotiable these days.

If you have more questions then let me know.

Have fun!

Hi Simon,

I agree with gogobuca, Piata Romana, Victoriei and Floreasca are the best areas to live, and you can find a one room apt with prices between 200-300 euro or if you get lucky even a 2 rooms with 300 - 350...

If you need any assistance, help, I am an interpreter, soyou can contact me if you think you need my hellp. When you arrive in the airport be careful with the taxi drivers. Normally a trip to  downtown shouldn't be more then 30 -40 ron, which is at most 10 euro, but there are rip-offs that ask you for even 40 euros. So, you better exchange some money in the airport, not much though since it's a low rate there, and look for Taxi that have a name written on them like COBALCESCU, or TAXI 2000, or SKY TAXI, they should be company's taxi, and not private, for your own good!

Good luck and all the best!


Hi All....thank you very much for all your comments. That is very helpful.

I'll be working in the Opera Centre so lots to think about.

Thanks again,


Simon, I am Romanian and i am living in Bucharest since 2003 and it still is difficult for me to adapt. Trust Gerdwin, he offered the best piece of advice :)

Anyway, a great area, near a subway station, cheap, full of green, with all sorts of shops around you, quiet, is the Titan area. Try getting a flat near the IOR Lake. You will have a good price, plenty of parking spaces, bus, tram and subway stations, and the center of the city is 15 minutes away by subway. And a great restaurant is L'incontro, you still can get fish and chips there.

Gerdwin is giving real good advice,we moved here in August and live about 3 mins walk from Aurel Vlaicu Metro station,its a great area,La iancu restraurnt does great pizzas,there are loads of local shops and cafes,its close enough to walk to Herastru lake and easy to get into town (about 10 mis on metro)we have a 2 bed apartment in a newly renovated building (taking scaffolding down as I write) for Euro  530 per month if you want to compare it with somewhere its like Fulham/Chelsea borders in London only a hell of a lot cheaper.

tommideast :

Gerdwin is giving real good advice,we moved here in August and live about 3 mins walk from Aurel Vlaicu Metro station,its a great area,La iancu restraurnt does great pizzas,there are loads of local shops and cafes,its close enough to walk to Herastru lake and easy to get into town (about 10 mis on metro)we have a 2 bed apartment in a newly renovated building (taking scaffolding down as I write) for Euro  530 per month if you want to compare it with somewhere its like Fulham/Chelsea borders in London only a hell of a lot cheaper.

Yes, Aviatiei is a nice and quiet area, Floreasca or Dorobanti is closer to nice coffee places and other stuff like that..
You can find a very nice 2 room apartment for not more than 300 euros, max.350 for something fancier, depends on your taste. When they say 2 rooms here, they mean 1 bedroom and 1 living room. One room place should be lower, so just a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, should be less, some that are arranged with taste and style can be found.
Take care and hope you will come to enjoy our country.
P.S. By now you are probably moved and all, ha..

Hi Simon,

I'm Anca, I'm romanian and have an export busines in Bucharest, steel products.

Herastrau-Aviatiei is a very nice area indeed, but for a single Dorobanti-Beller is even better as you have everything within 5 min reach /walking - cafeterias, market, nice pubs and restaurants, a nice little parc/Floreasca, fitness/aerobic, market.

I personally own one flat in Dorobanti-Beller - 3 rooms, and in the area of Herastrau-Aviatiei another flat/3 rooms as well as a charming little house. If you're interested, contact me per e-mail pls - vlaneximgroup[at]yahoo.com.

And welcome to Romania :)


Hello everybody,

I wonder if anyone would tell me what is a nice residencial area close to the Embassy's location (I've heard that the Embassies are all in the same region). I am interested in an area around Boulevardul Aviatorilor - Sector 1, Bucharest. Any suggestions for a nice area around there?
Thanks a lot,

Hi Simon

I was wondering you were still in London or found a place in Bucharest.

I am Romanian myself and I live in London but I will be in Bucharest in December if you need any advice just shout.

As someone said, driving is absolutely crazy and it will take you long to adapt, no matter how experienced you are. I would suggest a place next to where you work or a few tube stops.

My email is alexa.radulea[at]gmail.com


Hello everyone,

I am also a expat and moved 3 months ago from Romania, Bucarest to Spain Barcelona. I know what it is like to need a nice apartment to call home and how hard it is to find it when you do not speak the language and don't know anyone in your new country.

I have an apartment in Bucarest that I left empty when I left, due to the fact that I didn't want to leave it to just anybody.
The apartment is situated on Bd. Regiei 6A (you can look it up in Google Maps), close to the metro station Grozavesti and the Supermarket Carrefour Orhideea.
It is a one bedroom apartment with livingroom with open space kitchen. The apartment is fully renovated and furnished and has all the utilities needed to make a confortable long term stay (washing machine, 2 TVs, home cinema, fridge, microwave, oven,). AC in both rooms, individual heating and very good insulation for the hard winters. The price is 450 euros a month, ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. :)

If interested just write me an e-mail and I cand send pictures and provide more details - just_yoyo2000[at]yahoo.com.

Good luck on your search,

I am offering to let 1 bedroom apartment with livingroom (~ 60 sqm., 2 balconies) - freshly renovated (December 2010), equipped kitchen, unfurnished - on Banu Manta street close to Aviatorilor, Kisselleff park and Herastrau, 5 min. walking distance to Victoriei underground station. Supermarkets, drugstores, pubs and a hospital just across the street. Easy access to the Central Station and the airports situated in the north of Bucharest. EUR 350 / month net.
You can reach me via email ngo714[at]yahoo.com

Nego > please post in the classifieds section


Haven't been on here for some time and seen all the additional replies. Thanks for the advice everyone.

Having been here now just over 4 months (arrived in October) I think Gerdwin you gave some really useful tips.

Ended up with an apartment in Herastrau with a nice balcony...after spending 10 years in London with no outside space I'm looking forward to the summers here and being able to use it. Drive to the Opera Centre can 20 mins if I am lucky - 35 mins if I am not!

Also didn't appeciate how useful underground parking could be with the winter (even a mild one like this)!

Its also very could being close to the airport - I've been lucky to have a lot of visitors and I can be at the aiport in under 15 mins which is very useful

Really liking Bucharest - some great people, some good bars and restaurants (though I think I becoming a little bored of Italian food!) Now trying to spend some more exploring the rest of Romania too - from what I have seen so far its a beautiful country.

Thanks again,


The original question was " Where to rent in Bucharest ? ".

My opinion is : Look at all aereas situated around Parc Herastrau and Parc Kiseleff ! Why ? Because very pragmatically here you can find the combination of urban infrastrucure + green environment; very concrete these are the areas Aviatorilor,Kiseleff,Nordului,Primaverii,Herastrau,Casin.

If you like urban life very much and do not hezitate to suffer by heat and sticky air also have a look at the area around Parc Cismigiu in the center of the city. Parc Cismigiu is a real urban parc, beautiful and very old.

Hello Sraffa,

This discussion is dated long way ago: 2010!

Better you start a new one in Bucharest forum ;)

Thank you for your comprehension.


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another offer 3 rooms 400euro/luna parc Tineterului ,2 Metro station Tineretului& Timpuri Noi.+40723288512 / +40742043228.

http://www.imobiliare.ro/inchirieri-apa … cebook.com

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